WPS arson unit investigating vehicle fires causing $1M in damages

Windsor police are now looking for suspects after a series of vehicles were found on fire Thursday morning.

According to police, officers responded around 5 a.m. ET at a commercial lot on Tecumseh Road West where the road winds to the north.

"Upon arrival, officers spotted six unoccupied vehicles engulfed in flames," police said in a media release.

"Windsor Fire and Rescue Services worked to extinguish the blaze."

While no injuries were reported to police, they estimate the fire caused about $1 million in damages.

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services confirmed that several trucks caught fire at GFL Windsor, a waste collection facility.

The service's arson unit is now investigating and asks residents and business owners in the area to check their surveillance or dash camera for footage.

Police are also offering some tips to residents and business owners "amidst an increase in suspicious fires."

People should make sure entry points are secure, remove flammable items from outdoor areas, and make sure to keep outdoor lights on at night, they say.