X-rated detail in Kmart delivery divides shoppers: 'So gross'

A Kmart shopper was not expecting her online order to look like this.

A Kmart customer got more than she bargained for with her online delivery last week. Not only did the serving tray she ordered arrive covered in dust, but someone had drawn cheeky images on the filthy surface.

"Thanks Kmart for the extra artwork on my tray," the amused woman posted alongside photos of the item on Facebook, along with a playful eggplant emoji.

The snaps reveal that an unknown artist had scribbled a cartoon penis, various sad and smiley faces, and even the word "hello" into the dust.

Dusty Kmart tray with graffiti
Kmart fans were shocked by dirty state of the tray. Photo: Facebook


Some Kmart fans had a giggle at the situation, with one responding, "I would crack up. The packers must've been bored."

Others speculated that mischievous children might be responsible for the artwork, considering the tray was displayed on the store shelf before packing.

"OMG, that's funny!" commented someone else, while another shopper joked: "Gotta be happy with the extra bit of 'D'."

Dusty Kmart tray with penis drawn on it
The Kmart shopper said she was amused to see an X-rated drawing on the dusty tray. Photo: Facebook

'So gross'

Many shoppers couldn't get over the dusty state of the tray. "They sent it to you covered in dust like that?" one person questioned, while another stated, "So gross. I would be returning it."

However, others argued that the item could be easily cleaned and suggested people not get so upset. "Luckily dust comes off. You'd wash it before use anyway," one woman responded. Another shopper agreed, commenting, "Have a laugh and then wash it. Why are people so dang grumpy?"

Kmart tray
The tray in its intended condition is currently on sale for $6. Photo: Kmart

Kmart responds

In response to the incident, a Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle: "We want everyone visiting us in-store or online to have an enjoyable shopping experience, and we are disappointed to learn that on this occasion it did not occur. We encourage any customer who experiences an issue with their online order to reach out to our customer service team."

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