X-ray unearths terrifying item in baby's heart

The little girl's parents have no idea how the sharp item entered her body.

An embroidery needle has been found in a five-month-old baby’s heart after she started convulsing at home – with the little girl remarkably surviving the ordeal.

The girl's concerned parents rushed her to the hospital after she started shaking uncontrollably and losing consciousness.

At the hospital, the baby continued to convulse and pass out, and doctors immediately carried out a series of checks.

The 4cm needle had become lodged in the little girl's heart. Source: Jam Press
The 4cm needle had become lodged in the little girl's heart. Source: Jam Press

After taking an X-ray, medics were stunned to see a 4cm embroidery needle piercing her heart.

The needle penetrated through the baby’s stomach wall and pierced the left ventricle of her heart, according to the Xi'an Children's Hospital in Shaanxi Province, China.

Doctors rushed the baby into the operating theatre and successfully removed the needle.

The young girl was then taken to the hospital’s ICU for monitoring and follow-up treatment.

The baby’s parents said they had no idea how the needle ended up in their daughter’s body.

It is believed the needle was accidentally swallowed by the tot and ended up piercing the left ventricle through the stomach wall.

Following the successful operation, it’s unclear how long the baby had to remain in hospital before returning home.

- Jam Press

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