Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Seth Brown sends one deep

Yahoo Sports recaps the longest and most impressive home runs from the week of July 5th utilizing statcast data.

Video transcript

- That ball is pounded, again, deep out to center. Gone! Gallo's second home run of the day. He's having his own private home run derby, this afternoon, 23rd of the year.

- My goodness, it is so much fun when any player gets hot. But when Joey Gallo is hot, like this, it's almost like he's in a different world.

- Oh, got it. Got it. Got it, 33.

- Oh wow, where did that one go? That's his 11th home run versus left handed pitching this year. He was slugging 680 versus lefties.

- Come on. Did you see Justin Upton? He had his hands on his head, Macaulay Culkin style from home alone, like I can't believe what I just saw.

- Oh man.

- Brown smokes one right center. That's deep, and that baby's gone.

- [INAUDIBLE] home run derby is Monday night in Colorado. Wow.