No, the NYT did not call on Trump to withdraw from the presidential race

After Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s first debate for the US presidential election on June 27, a screenshot of a fake article – allegedly from the New York Times – went viral on social media. According to the accounts sharing it, the newspaper’s editorial board was encouraging Trump to “drop out the race” for the presidential election in October. But the New York Times never wrote the editorial and the image was fabricated.

If you only have a minute :

  • On social media platforms X and Threads, a screenshot of an alleged New York Times article quickly went viral after the first debate between Biden and Trump for the presidential race. It suggests that the newspaper was encouraging Trump to withdraw from the presidential race.

  • But a simple research on the New York Times website shows that the newspaper never published the editorial. Several elements of the screenshot show that it is a photomontage.

The fact-check, in detail:

But if you go to the "Opinions" section of the New York Times website, it is impossible to find this article from June 28, 2024. On the other hand, an article calling on Biden to withdraw from the presidential race “to serve his country” was published by the New York Times on June 28. The photo shared on social media mimics the style of the genuine article’s cover photo, but features Trump instead of Biden.

Finally, if you look at the comment section below the viral tweet, you will notice that the author of the publication replies to the tweet many times saying the screenshot was a parody.

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