'You're Lying Through Your Teeth': Sunak Roasted By Young Voter Over 14 Years Of Tory Failure

Rishi Sunak was accused of “lying through your teeth” by a young voter as he endured a brutal LBC phone-in this morning.

The prime minister was confronted over the impact of nearly a decade and a half of Tory rule during the hour-long interrogation by members of the public.

One caller, called Ellen, told the prime minister: “As a young person in this country, everything about my future feels more uncertain after 14 years of Tory austerity.

“Housing is insecure and unaffordable, tuition fees have risen, public services like the NHS are crumbling and you’ve now wasted 14 years taking absolutely no climate action.

“How can you possibly argue that life is better for young people now after consecutive Tory governments?”

Sunak: “I’m sorry you feel like that and I want to make sure you feel confident about your future and every young person is.”

He insisted the Tories would help young people to get on the housing ladder by building more homes and scrapping stamp duty for first time buyers.

But Ellen hit back: “You’re lying through your teeth a bit. You’ve had a decade and a half to improve housing, to improve renting conditions, to improve any of the things I mentioned, and haven’t. I think young people just don’t believe your promises any more.”

The rattled PM replied: “I’m sorry you feel like that Ellen, and I’m probably not going to be able to convince you otherwise.”