Yungblud's music kept him calm

Yungblud's music helped him calm the thoughts in his head.

The '11 Minutes' hitmaker credits songwriting for helping him to be a "bit stiller" and admits he felt "really misunderstood" and didn't "belong anywhere" growing up.

Speaking to MTV for their PUSH: Ones To Watch 2020 set of spotlight interviews, he said: "I always have a lot going on in my head, a lot of thoughts that I couldn't catch and I think music kind of allowed them to be a bit stiller.

"When I was younger I felt really misunderstood in the way I thought. I kind of felt like I didn't really belong anywhere. My brain always wanted to go to these radical places that people couldn't necessarily understand and I think I just went out and tried to build a community of people where it's OK to be yourself here."

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old singer - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - previously revealed he wants to be the voice of a generation.

He said: "I wanna be the rock star for the 2020 generation. People always advise me, 'Don't say that you want to be something, just in case you don't turn out to be it.' But I'm not afraid to say that I wanna be the rock kid for them. I hate it when people say, 'Rock isn't cool'. Rock is so f***ing cool. Pouring your heart out is cool."

Following the release of his debut album in 2018, Yungblud's fan base grew quickly and he insists his followers are as much a part of his music and pop persona as he is.

He explained: "Yungblud ain't just me. It's become a community and a bit of a f***ing movement. I am 50 per cent of Yungblud and the other 50 per cent is them. If you feel like you don't belong anywhere then you belong right here with me. This whole movement feels so punk and rebellious - it's punk to have a community and to battle against loneliness."