Zara Tindall banned from driving

Zara Tindall has been banned from driving for six months.

Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter was handed the ban after her latest speeding offence, during which she was caught doing 91mph near her home in the Cotswolds, south west England, in a 70mph zone.

She was given four points on her licence as a result, which was added to her previous nine and took her to 13, one over the 12 points that tends to lead to a ban.

Zara was not at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court, because she is currently in Australia.

Barry Warburton, representing her, told the court: "I've advised Mrs Tindall not to drive from today in Australia as any driving ban in the UK would affect her insurance in Australia."

But she did admit the speeding offence, which took place on November 6th 2019, through her lawyer.

Prosecutor Farley Turner said: "Because Mrs Tindall already has nine points on her licence she was unable to accept a fixed penalty for this offence."

Zara was also fined £666, plus costs and a victim surcharge of £151.

This comes after Zara's mother Princess Anne was caught speeding on the same stretch of road in Daglingworth, near Cirencester, in 2001.

Last summer, Zara and her husband Mike Tindall appeared on TV motoring show 'Top Gear', making her the first royal to ever appear on the programme.

During part of the show, she had to drive a Toyota car around a track in a race against the clock.

The pair also tested their precision on the programme, during which they had to drive between bollards as part of a Width Restrictor Challenge.