Zoë Kravitz Says She 'Interpreted' Her Catwoman in The Batman as Bisexual: 'Definitely'

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'The Batman' film premiere, London, UK - 23 Feb 2022
'The Batman' film premiere, London, UK - 23 Feb 2022

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Zoë Kravitz played her big-screen version of Catwoman as bisexual.

The actress plays nightclub worker Selina Kyle (aka vigilante cat-burglar Catwoman) opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman, flirting with Pattinson's Caped Crusader throughout and, at one point, referring to a female companion named Anika as "baby." When asked if this is an indicator to Kyle's sexuality, Kravitz confirmed.

"That's definitely the way I interpreted that, that they had some kind of romantic relationship," she told Pedestrian, then saying, "I agree," when the reporter expressed excitement about a bisexual Catwoman.

Director Matt Reeves told the outlet, "In terms of her relationship with Anika, I spoke to Zoë very early on and one of the things she said, which I loved, was that [Kyle is] drawn to strays because she was a stray and so she really wants to care for these strays because she doesn't want to be that way anymore, and Anika is like a stray and she loves her. She actually represents this connection that she has to her mother who she lost, who was a stray anymore."

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"So I don't think we meant to go directly in that way, but you can interpret it that way for sure," he added. "She has an intimacy with that character and it's a tremendous and deep caring for that character, more so than a sexual thing, but there was meant to be quite an intimate relationship between them."

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To create the physicality of her performance, Kravitz studied wild cats, she previously revealed. The Big Little Lies star told Empire, "We watched cats and lions and how they fight, and talked about what is actually possible when you're my size and Batman's so much stronger than me. What is my skill? It's being fast and tricky. So we did some really interesting floor work that incorporated different kinds of martial arts and capoeira and a kind of feline, dance-like movement."

She added, "This is an origin story for Selina. So it's the beginning of her figuring out who she is, beyond just someone trying to survive. I think there's a lot of space to grow and I think we are watching her become what I'm sure will be the femme fatale."

The Batman is in theaters this Friday.