1,000 baby girl names from A to Z

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Congrats on your baby girl! Expanding your family is a big deal and now that you’re expecting a little girl, you’re probably searching for the perfect name. We know what that’s like so we put together this list of baby girl names from A to Z in the hopes of making this decision a little easier on you. Whether you’re looking for something unique or traditional, chances are it’s in the list below.

In between the nursery set-up and shopping for adorable onesies and functional diaper bags, you’re probably searching for baby names. The unique experience of choosing a baby name is magical whether it’s your first or your fifth child. Even if you’ve got one name picked out, you might consider adding a middle name!

Choosing the perfect baby name

The perfect baby name is all about what best fits your baby. It might be something totally new or maybe it’s a name that’s been passed down through the generations. There’s something sweet about a name that brings back beautiful memories, too.

You might take inspiration from the stars and look at celebrity baby names. If you and your partner love to wander the globe, your ideal baby name might be a foreign city you both loved. You might compare notes filled with beautiful names and their beautiful meanings with your partner, family members and friends.

Trending themes for girl names

The full list: 1,000 unique baby girl names

Your baby’s sex does not have to limit your imagination for the name that you feel fits them best. Whichever name you go with will be perfect simply because it’s the one you chose.

Girl names that start with A

  1. Aadhya: Sanskrit origin meaning “beginning” or “first power.”

  2. Abby: Diminutive of Abigail

  3. Abigail: Hebrew origin meaning “my father is joyful.”

  4. Ada: Turkish for “nobility.”

  5. Adalee: Combination of Ada and Lee.

  6. Adaline: Variation of Adeline.

  7. Adalynn: Variation of Adeline.

  8. Addison: English for “son of Adam.”

  9. Adeline: French for “noble.”

  10. Aditi: Hindi for boundless

  11. Adley: Variation of Hadley.

  12. Adriel: Hebrew for “God is my master.”

  13. Aileen: Irish variation of Helen.

  14. Ainhoa: Small French town in Basque.

  15. Ainsley: Scottish for “one’s own meadow.”

  16. Aisha: Arabic for “living” or “prosperous.”

  17. Aitana: Trendy Spanish origin name.

  18. Alaina: Irish variation of Alana which means “harmony.”

  19. Alaiya: Variation of Alaya.

  20. Alana: Feminine variation of Alan which means “handsome.”

  21. Alani: Hawaiian for “orange tree.”

  22. Alanna: Variation of Alana.

  23. Alaya: Sanskrit for “dwelling” or “abode.”

  24. Alayah: English variation of the Arabic Aaliyah.

  25. Alba: Latin for “white.”

  26. Aleah: Persian origin meaning “high, exalted” or “God’s being.”

  27. Aleena: Arabic for “soft” or “delicate.”

  28. Alejandra: Spanish variation of Alexandra.

  29. Alena: Slavic variation of Helen.

  30. Alessandra: Italian variation of Alexandra.

  31. Alessia: Italian variation of Alexis.

  32. Alexa: Diminutive of Alexandra.

  33. Alexandra: Feminine variation of Alexander which means “defending men.”

  34. Alexia: Diminutive of Alexandria

  35. Alexis: Greek for “defender.”

  36. Aliana: Variation of Eliana.

  37. Alice: German for “noble.”

  38. Alicia: Spanish variation of Alice.

  39. Alina: Slavic for “bright” and “beautiful.”

  40. Alisa: Hebrew for “great happiness.”

  41. Alisha: Phonetic spelling of Alicia.

  42. Alison: Scottish diminutive of Alice.

  43. Aliya: Variation of Aaliyah.

  44. Aliza: Variation of of Eliza.

  45. Allie: Nickname name.

  46. Allison: Diminutive of Alice.

  47. Alma: Latin for “soul.”

  48. Alondra: Spanish origin meaning “lark.”

  49. Alyssa: English variation of Alice.

  50. Amabel: French and Latin origin meaning for “lovable.”

  51. Amalia: German for “work.”

  52. Amara: Mongolian for “peaceful.”

  53. Amari: Hebrew for “eternal.”

  54. Amaris: Variation of the Biblical name Amariah.

  55. Amayah: Hebrew for “close to God.”

  56. Amber: Gemstone inspired name.

  57. Amelia: Variation of Amalia.

  58. Amelie: French variation Amalia.

  59. Amethyst: Gemstone inspired name.

  60. Amira: Arabic for “princess.”

  61. Amy: French for “beloved.”

  62. Ana: Spanish variation of Hannah.  

  63. Anahi: Tupi for “maize” or “immaculate.”

  64. Anais: Catalan variation of Anna.

  65. Anastasia: Greek origin meaning “resurrection.”

  66. Anaya: Arabic for “care” or “concern.”

  67. Andie: Nickname name.

  68. Angel: English word name.

  69. Angelica: Italian, Polish and Russian origin name meaning “angelic.”

  70. Angelina: Spanish, Italian and Greek diminutive of Angela.

  71. Angeline: French variation of Angela.

  72. Angelique: French origin meaning “angelic.”

  73. Angie: Diminutive of Angela.

  74. Anika: Nordic origin meaning “sweetness of face.”

  75. Anjali: Sanskrit for “gift.”

  76. Anna: Hebrew for “grace.”

  77. Annabelle: Taken from the French Amabel.

  78. Annalise: German origin meaning “grace” and “pledged to God.”

  79. Anne: French for “grace” or “eagle.”

  80. Annette: French for “grace.”

  81. Annie: Diminutive of Ann and popular nickname name.  

  82. Antonella: Latin for “first born.”

  83. Anya: Russian variation of Anna.

  84. April: Popular calendar inspired name.

  85. Arabella: Latin for “yielding to prayer.”

  86. Araceli: Spanish for “altar of the sky.”

  87. Araya: Armenian for “royalty.”

  88. Arlette: French for “noble” or “honor.”

  89. Armani: Italian origin meaning “soldier,” “wish” or “hope.”

  90. Arya: Sanskrit for “noble.”

  91. Asha: Sanskrit for “hope” or “life.”

  92. Ashlyn: Irish origin meaning “dream.”

  93. Aspen: Nature inspired name.

  94. Astra: Latin for “stars.”

  95. Astrid: Scandinavian for “divinely beautiful.”

  96. Athena: Greek mythology inspired name meaning “from Athens.”

  97. Aubree: Variation of Aubrey.

  98. Aubrey: English origin meaning “elf ruler.”

  99. Aubriella: Combination of Aubrey and Ella.

  100. Audra: English for “noble strength.”

  101. Audrey: English for “noble strength.”

  102. Aurora: Latin for “dawn.”

  103. Autumn: Nature inspired name.

  104. Ava: Latin for “life” or “bird.”

  105. Avalynn: Combination of Ava and Lynn.

  106. Averie: Variation of Avery.

  107. Avery: English for “ruler of the elves.”

  108. Avis: Latin for “bird.”

  109. Ayla: Turkish for “oak tree” or “halo” or “moonlight.”

  110. Aylin: Turkish for “of the moon.”

  111. Azalea: English flower name.

  112. Azaria: Hebrew for “helped by God.”

Girl names that start with B

  1. Bailey: English for “law enforcer.”

  2. Barbara: Latin for “foreign woman.”

  3. Baylor: English surname meaning “horse trainer.”

  4. Beatrice: Latin for “she who brings happiness.”

  5. Bella: Diminutive of Isabella.

  6. Belle: French for “beautiful.”

  7. Bexley: English place name.

  8. Bianca: Italian for “white.”

  9. Billie: Popular nickname name.

  10. Blaire: Scottish origin meaning “field” or “plain.”

  11. Blake: Old English origin meaning “black” or “pale.”

  12. Blakely: English for “dark meadow” or “dark clearing.”

  13. Bonnie: Scottish for “beautiful” or “cheerful.”

  14. Bria: Irish for “strong” or “virtuous.”

  15. Brianna: Feminine version of Brian, meaning “strong,” “virtuous,” or “exalted.”

  16. Briar: Old English origin meaning “thorny patch” or “bramble.”

  17. Bridget: Irish for “strength” or “exalted one.”

  18. Bria: Irish for “strong” or “virtuous.”

  19. Bristol: Name made popular by the city.

  20. Brittney: Refers to the region in France.

  21. Brooke: English for “small stream.”

  22. Brooklyn: Name made popular by the city.

  23. Bryleigh: Modern name derived from the combination of Bryan and Leigh.

  24. Brynlee: Modern name derived from the combination of Bryan and Leigh.

  25. Brynn: Welsh for “mound” or “hill.”

Girl names that start with C

  1. Cadence: Music-inspired name meaning “rhythm.”

  2. Cailyn: Modern American name.

  3. Callie: Diminutive of Caroline.

  4. Calliope: Greek origin meaning “beautiful voice” or “epic poetry.”

  5. Cameron: Scottish for “crooked nose.”

  6. Camilla: Latin origin meaning “young ceremonial attendant.”

  7. Camryn: Modern spelling variation of Cameron.

  8. Carla: Feminine version of Carl.

  9. Carly: Diminutive of Carla.

  10. Carmen: Spanish for “song” or “poem.”

  11. Carolina: Feminine version of Charles.

  12. Carter: English for “cart driver.”

  13. Cassandra: Greek origin meaning “shining or excellent man.”

  14. Cassia: Feminine version of Cassius.

  15. Cassidy: Irish for “curly-haired.”

  16. Cassie: Nickname name.

  17. Catalina: Spanish version of Catherine.

  18. Cataleya: Nature-inspired name referring to the orchid.  

  19. Catherine: Greek for “pure” or “clear.”

  20. Cece: Diminutive of Cecelia.

  21. Cecelia: Latin for “blind.”

  22. Celeste: Latin for “heavenly” or “celestial.”

  23. Celia: Diminutive of Cecelia.

  24. Celine: French for “heavenly” or “sky.”

  25. Chana: Hebrew for meaning “grace” or “favor.”

  26. Chanel: French name made popular by the designer.  

  27. Charleigh: Spelling variation of Charlie.

  28. Charles: Gender-neutral name meaning “free man.”

  29. Charlie: Popular nickname name.

  30. Charli: Spelling variation of Charlie.

  31. Charlotte: Feminine version of Charles.

  32. Chelsea: Name made popular by the city.

  33. Cheyenne: Sioux origin meaning “people of a different language”.

  34. Chloe: Greek for “young green shoot.”

  35. Christa: Diminutive of Christina.

  36. Christiana: Feminine version of Christian.

  37. Christina: Greek for “a Christian.”

  38. Claire: French version of Clara.

  39. Clara: Latin for “bright” or “clear.”

  40. Clarabelle: Combination of Clara and Belle.

  41. Clarissa: Variation of Clara.

  42. Clementine: Latin origin meaning “mild” or “merciful.”

  43. Cleo: Greek for “glory.”

  44. Clover: Nature-inspired name.

  45. Colette: French version of Nicole.

  46. Collins: Irish surname meaning “people of victory.”

  47. Coraline: Diminutive of Coral.

  48. Cora: Greek for “maiden.”

  49. Coral: Nature-inspired name.

  50. Crystal: Gemstone-inspired name.

  51. Cynthia: Greek for “moon goddess.”

Girl names that start with D

  1. Dahlia: Nature-inspired name.

  2. Daenerys: Literary-inspired name.

  3. Daisy: Nature-inspired name.

  4. Dalia: Lithuanian goddess of weaving and fate.

  5. Daleyza: American origin name.

  6. Dallas: Name made popular by the city.

  7. Dakota: Native American origin meaning “friendly one.”

  8. Dana: Slavic for “gift.”

  9. Dani: Diminutive of Danielle.

  10. Danica: Slavic origin meaning “morning star.”

  11. Daniela: Variation of Daniella.

  12. Daniella: Feminine version of Daniel.

  13. Danielle: Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

  14. Danna: American origin name.

  15. Daphne: Greek for “laurel tree.”

  16. Dara: Irish origin meaning “pearl of wisdom.”

  17. Darby: Norse origin meaning “free from envy.”

  18. Darlene: English for “darling.”

  19. Davina: Hebrew for “little deer.”

  20. Dayana: Latin origin meaning “heavenly” or “faith.”

  21. Deborah: Hebrew for “bee.”

  22. Deia: Latin for “joy” or “goddess.”

  23. Deirdre: Irish for “sorrowful.”

  24. Delaney: Irish for “dark challenger.”

  25. Delia: Greek for “born on the island of Delos.”

  26. Della: Diminutive of Adela.

  27. Delilah: Hebrew origin meaning “delicate.”

  28. Delphine: French origin meaning “womb.”

  29. Delphi: Nickname name.

  30. Delta: Greek for “letter or island.”

  31. Demi: Diminutive of Demetria.

  32. Denise: French for “God of Nysa.”

  33. Destiny: American origin name.

  34. Devika: Hindi for “little goddess.”

  35. Dia: Spanish for “day.”

  36. Diamond: Gemstone-inspired name.

  37. Diana: Latin for “divine.”

  38. Dinah: Hebrew for “God will judge.”

  39. Dionne: Greek origin meaning “divine.”

  40. Dior: Fashion-inspired name.

  41. Dixie: Latin origin meaning “I have spoken.”

  42. Dolly: Diminutive of Dorothy.

  43. Dora: Greek origin meaning “gift.”

  44. Doris: Greek for “gift of the ocean.”

  45. Dorothea: Greek for “Gift of God.”

  46. Dorothy: English version of Dorothea.

  47. Dove: Nature-inspired name.

  48. Dream: American origin name.

  49. Dulce: Latin for “sweet.”

  50. Dylan: Welsh origin meaning “son of the sea.”

Girl names that start with E

  1. Edith: English for “prosperous in war.”

  2. Edina: Hungarian for “wealthy.”

  3. Edna: Hebrew for “rejuvenation.”

  4. Edwina: Feminine variation of Edwin.

  5. Eileen: Scottish variation of Evelyn.

  6. Elaina: Variation of Elena.

  7. Elaine: Scottish origin meaning “bright, shining light.”

  8. Elara: Greek mythology name.

  9. Eleanor: French for “foreign light.”

  10. Elena: Greek variation of Helen.

  11. Eleni: Greek variation of Helen.

  12. Elia: Italian variation of Elijah.

  13. Eliana: Hebrew for “God has answered.”

  14. Elianna: Spelling variation of Eliana.

  15. Elina: Finish variation of Helena.

  16. Eliora: Hebrew for “the Lord is my light.”

  17. Elisa: Diminutive of Elizabeth.

  18. Elise: French variation of Elizabeth.

  19. Eliza: Diminutive of Elizabeth.

  20. Elizabeth: Hebrew for “pledged to God.”

  21. Elle: French for “she.”

  22. Ellen: English variation of Helen.

  23. Ellie: Popular nickname name.

  24. Ellison: English for “son of Ellis.”

  25. Elodie: French origin meaning “foreign riches.”

  26. Eloise: French origin meaning “healthy” or “wide.”

  27. Elora: Variation of Eliora.

  28. Elowyn: Cornish for “elm.”

  29. Elsa: German diminutive of Elisabeth.

  30. Ember: French variation of Amber.

  31. Emberly: American origin name.

  32. Emelia: Variation of of Amelia.

  33. Emelie: French variant of Emily.

  34. Emerson: English for “son of Emery.”

  35. Emery: German for “industrious.”

  36. Emilia: Feminine version of Emil.

  37. Emiliana: Variant of Emily.

  38. Emily: Italian origin meaning “rival.”

  39. Emma: German for “universal.”

  40. Emmalyn: Combination of Emma and Lynn.

  41. Emmeline: Variant of Emma, meaning “work,” “universal,” or “whole.”

  42. Emmie: Nickname name.

  43. Enola: Modern invented name.

  44. Ensley: English origin meaning “one’s own meadow.”

  45. Erica: Norse for “eternal ruler.”

  46. Erin: Poetic name for Ireland and meaning “from the island to the west.”

  47. Esme: French for “esteemed” or “loved.”

  48. Esmeralda: Spanish for “emerald.”

  49. Essence: American origin name.

  50. Estella: Latin for “star.”

  51. Estelle: French for “star.”

  52. Esther: Persian origin meaning “star.”

  53. Estrella: Spanish for “star.”

  54. Ethel: English origin meaning “noble” or “noble maiden.”

  55. Eunice: Greek origin meaning “good victory.”

  56. Eva: Hebrew origin meaning “life” or “living one.”

  57. Evan: Welsh origin meaning “the Lord is gracious.”

  58. Evelina: A variant of Evelyn.

  59. Ever: English word name.

  60. Everlee: Combination of “Ever” and “Lee.”

  61. Everleigh: Combination of “Ever” and “Leigh.”

  62. Everly: Old English for “wild boar meadow.”

  63. Evie: A diminutive of Eve or Evelyn, meaning “life” or “living.”

  64. Evangeline: Greek for “bearer of good news.”

  65. Evelyn: English for “desired.”

Girl names that start with F

  1. Faith: Virtue name.

  2. Fallon: Irish origin meaning “leader” or “ruler.”

  3. Farah: Arabic for happiness.

  4. Farida: Arabic origin meaning “unique” or “precious.”

  5. Fatima: Arabic origin meaning “captivating” or “one who abstains.”

  6. Fawn: Nature-inspired name.

  7. Faye: English for “fairy.”

  8. Felicia: Latin for “lucky.”

  9. Felicity: Latin for “happiness” or “good fortune.”

  10. Fen: Gender-neutral Dutch name meaning “peaceful.”

  11. Fern: Nature-inspired name.

  12. Fernanda: A feminine version of Fernando, meaning “adventurous” or “courageous.”

  13. Fia: Portuguese for “wild” or “weaver.”

  14. Fifi: French nickname name.

  15. Finley: Irish and Scottish origin meaning “fair-haired hero” or “fair warrior.”

  16. Finnegan: Irish for “fair.”

  17. Fiona: Scottish for “white” or “fair.”

  18. Fiorella: Italian for “little flower.”

  19. Flannery: Gender-neutral Irish name meaning “descendant of Flannghal.”

  20. Flora: Latin for “flower.”

  21. Florence: Latin origin meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous.”

  22. Floris: Dutch variation of Florence.

  23. Fortune: Latin for “luck” or “fate.”

  24. Fran: Diminutive of Francis.

  25. Frances: Variant of Francis.

  26. Francesca: Italian feminine version of Francis.

  27. Francine: French diminutive of Francoise.

  28. Frederica: Feminine version of Frederick.

  29. Freesia: Nature-inspired name.

  30. Freya: Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

  31. Frida: German origin meaning “peaceful” or “beloved.”

Girl names that start with G

  1. Gabriella: Hebrew for “God is my strength.”

  2. Gabrielle: French variation of Gabriel.

  3. Gabby: Nickname name.

  4. Gaia: Greek for “earth mother.”

  5. Gail: Diminutive of Abigail.

  6. Galilea: Feminine version of Galilee.

  7. Gardenia: Nature-inspired name.

  8. Grayson: English origin name.

  9. Gemma: Italian for “gem” or “precious stone.”

  10. Genesis: Greek for “origin” or “beginning.”

  11. Genevieve: French for “tribe woman” or “woman of the people.”

  12. Georgia: Greek for “farmer” or “tiller of the soil.”

  13. Gia: Italian for “God’s gracious gift.”

  14. Gianna: Italian variant of Jane, meaning “God is gracious.”

  15. Gigi: French nickname name.

  16. Ginger: English origin name.

  17. Giselle: German for “pledge.”

  18. Gloria: Latin for “glory” or “praise.”

  19. Goldie: English for “made of gold” or “golden-haired.”

  20. Grace: English for “grace” or “elegance.”

  21. Gracelyn: Combination of Grace and Lyn.

  22. Gracie: Diminutive of Grace.

  23. Grady: Irish for “noble.”

  24. Greta: German origin meaning “pearl.”

  25. Gwendolyn: Welsh for “white ring” or “blessed ring.”

  26. Gypsy: English for “wanderer.”

Girl names that start with H

  1. Haddie: Nickname name.

  2. Hadley: Old English for “heathery meadow” or “heather field.”

  3. Hadria: Feminine variant of Adrian.

  4. Hailey: English variant of Haley.

  5. Haisley: Modern invented name.

  6. Hala: Arabic for “moon halo.”

  7. Haley: English for “hay clearing” or “hay meadow.”

  8. Halle: Scandinavian for “rock” or “cliff.”

  9. Halo: American word name.

  10. Hana: Japanese for “flower” or “blossom.”

  11. Hanako: Japanese for “child of flowers.”

  12. Hannah: Hebrew for “grace.”

  13. Haniya: Arabic for “happy” or “delighted.”

  14. Harmony: Musical name.

  15. Harper: Old English for “harp player” or “minstrel.”

  16. Harriet: English variation of French Henriette.

  17. Harlow: Old English for “rock hill” or “army hill.”

  18. Hattie: Diminutive of Harriet.

  19. Haven: English word name.

  20. Hayden: English origin meaning “hay valley.”

  21. Hayley: English variant of Haley.

  22. Hayes: English surname name.

  23. Hazel: English for the hazelnut tree.

  24. Heather: Botanical name.

  25. Heaven: English word name.

  26. Heidi: German origin meaning “noble” or “of noble birth.”

  27. Helen: Greek for “torch” or “bright, shining light.”

  28. Helena: Latin variation of Helen.

  29. Helene: French variation of Helen.

  30. Hendrix: Dutch and Frisian surname.

  31. Henley: Old English for “high meadow” or “high clearing.”

  32. Hensley: American modern name.

  33. Hera: Greek mythology-inspired name.

  34. Hermione: Greek for “messenger” or “earthly.”

  35. Hilda: Old Germanic for “battle woman” or “warrior.”

  36. Holland: Dutch place name.

  37. Holly: Nature-inspired name.

  38. Hope: Virtue-inspired name.

  39. Honey: English word name.

  40. Honor: Virtue-inspired name.

  41. Hunter: English for “one who hunts.”

  42. Hyacinth: Botanical name.

Girl names that start with I

  1. Ianthe: Greek for “purple flower.”

  2. Ida: German for “work” or “industrious.”

  3. Idina: English origin meaning “from Edinburgh.”

  4. Ila: Sanskrit for “earth” or “speech.”

  5. Ilene: Variant of Helen.

  6. Iliana: Greek origin meaning “from Ilium or Troy.”

  7. Imani: Swahili for “faith.”

  8. Imelda: German for “universal battle” or “whole battle.”

  9. Imogen: Celtic for “maiden.”

  10. Inara: Arabic for “shining light.”

  11. Inaya: Arabic for “concern” or “care.”

  12. India: Popular place name.

  13. Indie: Nickname name.

  14. Indigo: Greek for “Indian dye.”

  15. Indira: Sanskrit for “beauty.”

  16. Ines: Portuguese origin meaning “pure” or “chaste.”

  17. Inga: Norse for “guided by Ing.”

  18. Ingrid: Old Norse for “beautiful” or “fair.”

  19. Io: Greek mythology-inspired name.

  20. Iphigenia: Greek for “of royal birth.”

  21. Ira: Hebrew for “watchful” or “city watchman.”

  22. Irene: Greek for “peace.”

  23. Iris: Greek for “rainbow” and flower name.

  24. Isa: Arabic origin meaning “strong-willed.”

  25. Isabella: Italian and Spanish form of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”

  26. Isabelle: French variation of Isabel.

  27. Isadora: Greek for “gift of Isis.”

  28. Isla: Scottish for “island.”

  29. Isolde: Welsh origin meaning “ice ruler.”

  30. Itzel: Mayan for “rainbow lady” or “dew from heaven.”

  31. Ivy: English botanical name.

Girl names that start with J

  1. Jacqueline: French feminine version of Jacques.

  2. Jada: Variant of Jade.

  3. Jade: Gemstone-inspired name.

  4. Jamie: English and Scottish diminutive of James.

  5. Jane: English origin meaning “God is gracious.”

  6. Janelle: Combination of Jane and Elle.

  7. Janessa: Modern invented name.

  8. Janet: Scottish diminutive of Jane.

  9. Janice: Variation of Jane.

  10. Janie: Diminutive of Jane.

  11. Janine: French variation of Jane.

  12. Jasmine: Persian origin meaning “gift from God.”

  13. Jayden: Modern invented name.

  14. Jayla: Modern variant of Jaalah which is Hebrew for “ascend.”

  15. Jaylee: Modern invented name.

  16. Jayleen: Modern invented name.

  17. Jaylen: Modern invented name.

  18. Jean: French variation of John.

  19. Jenna: Variant of Jennifer, meaning “white wave” or “fair one.”

  20. Jennifer: Cornish variation of Guinevere.

  21. Jenny: Diminutive of Jennifer.

  22. Jessica: From the Hebrew Iscah meaning “God beholds.”

  23. Jessie: Diminutive of Jessica.

  24. Jewel: Gemstone-inspired name.

  25. Jillian: Phonetic variation of Gillian meaning “youthful.”

  26. Jimena: Spanish variation of Ximena.

  27. Joelle: French feminine variation of Joel.

  28. Johanna: Feminine form of John.

  29. Jolene: Modern invented name.

  30. Jolie: French for “pretty” or “beautiful.”

  31. Jordan: Hebrew for “flowing down” or “descend.”

  32. Jordyn: Variant of Jordan.

  33. Josephine: Feminine variation of Joseph.

  34. Josie: Diminutive of Josephine.

  35. Journey: English word name.

  36. Joyce: Old French origin meaning “joy.”

  37. Judith: Hebrew for “woman of Judea” or “Jewish woman.”

  38. Julia: Latin for “youthful.”

  39. Julianne: Combination of Julia and Anne.

  40. Julie: French form of Julia.

  41. Juliet: Diminutive of Julia.

  42. Juliette: French origin meaning “little Julia.”

  43. June: Latin for “young” or “vital force.”

  44. Juniper: Latin for “youth-producing” or “evergreen tree.”

  45. Justice: English law-name referring to “the quality of being just.”

Girl names that start with K

  1. Kailani: Hawaiian for “sea and sky.”

  2. Kaia: Hawaiian for “sea” or “restful place.”

  3. Kaitlyn: Variation of Katherine.

  4. Kali: Sanskrit for “black” or “time.”

  5. Kalia: Hawaiian for “clear” or “bright.”

  6. Kamila: Arabic for “perfect” or “complete.”

  7. Kamryn: Trendy spelling variation of Cameron.

  8. Karen: Danish diminutive of Katherine.

  9. Kari: Norse for “curly” or “curly-haired.”

  10. Karina: Scandinavian for “pure” or “beloved.”

  11. Karla: Feminine variation of Karl.

  12. Kassidy: Trendy spelling variation of Cassidy.

  13. Katalina: Hungarian for “pure.”

  14. Kate: Diminutive of Katherine.

  15. Katelyn: Variation of Katherine.

  16. Katerina: Slavic variation of Katherine.

  17. Katherine: Greek for “pure” or “unsullied.”

  18. Kathy: Diminutive of Katherine.

  19. Katie: Diminutive of Katherine.

  20. Katniss: Popular literary-inspired name.

  21. Kay: English origin name.

  22. Kayla: Hebrew for “laurel.”

  23. Kaylee: American variation of Kayla.

  24. Kayleigh: Combination of Kay and Leigh.

  25. Kaylie: Variation of Kayla.

  26. Kaylin: Variation of Kayla.

  27. Keira: Irish and Gaelic for “dark-haired” or “black-haired.”

  28. Kelsey: Old English for “island of ships” or “victorious ship.”

  29. Kendall: Old English for “valley of the River Kent.”

  30. Kendra: Anglo-Saxon for “royal valley” or “water spring.”

  31. Kenia: Variant of Kenya, possibly meaning “mountain” in Kikuyu.

  32. Kenley: Old English for “royal meadow” or “royal field.”

  33. Kenna: Scottish variation of Kendra.

  34. Kennedy: Irish for “helmeted head” or “misshapen head.”

  35. Kenya: African origin meaning “mountain of white”.

  36. Kenzie: Scottish diminutive of Kenneth.

  37. Kiera: Variation of Keira.

  38. Kiley: Irish for “beautiful” or “graceful.”

  39. Kim: Vietnamese for “golden” or “metal.”

  40. Kimber: Variant of Kimberly.

  41. Kimberlyn: Variant of Kimberly.

  42. Kimberly: Old English for “Cyneburg’s field” or “royal fortress meadow.”

  43. Kimora: Modern invented name.

  44. Kinley: American invented name.

  45. Kinsley: English for “king’s meadow.

  46. Kira: Russian origin meaning “throne.”

  47. Kirsten: Scandinavian for “Christian.”

  48. Kora: Variant of Cora.

  49. Kourtney: Trendy spelling of Courtney.

  50. Krista: Diminutive of Kristina.

  51. Kristen: Variant of Kristina.

  52. Kristina: Scandinavian for “follower of Christ.”

  53. Kylie: Australian Aboriginal for “boomerang” or “curved, returning stick.”

  54. Kyra: Greek for “lord” or “ruler.”

Girl names that start with L

  1. Lacey: English origin meaning “from Lassy.”

  2. Laila: Arabic for “night” or “dark beauty.”

  3. Lainey: Diminutive of Elaine.

  4. Laisha: Variant of Aisha.

  5. Lana: Slavic for “wool” or “soft, tender.”

  6. Landry: French for “ruler” or “powerful.”

  7. Lane: English for “a small roadway or path.”

  8. Lara: Russian diminutive of Larissa.

  9. Laura: Latin for “laurel” or “victory.”

  10. Lauren: French for “laurel” or “victory.”

  11. Laurie: Diminutive of Laura.

  12. Lavender: Botanical name.

  13. Layla: Arabic for “night” or “dark beauty.”

  14. Lea: English variant of Leah.

  15. Leah: Hebrew for “weary” or “meadow.”

  16. Leanna: Combination of Lee and Anna.

  17. Leela: Sanskrit for “divine play” or “creation.”

  18. Leena: Finnish for “bright” or “beautiful.”

  19. Legacy: English invented name.

  20. Leia: Variation of Leya.

  21. Leila: Variant of Laila.

  22. Leilani: Hawaiian for “heavenly flower” or “royal child of heaven.”

  23. Leona: Latin for “lioness” or “brave.”

  24. Leonarda: Feminine variant of Leonard.

  25. Leslie: Scottish for “garden of hollies” or “gray fortress.”

  26. Letitia: Latin for “joy” or “happiness.”

  27. Lexi: Diminutive of Alexandra.

  28. Leya: Hindi origin meaning “the law” or “lion.”

  29. Liana: French origin meaning “to climb like a vine”.

  30. Liberty: English word name.

  31. Lila: Persian origin meaning “night.”

  32. Lilia: Russian for Lily.

  33. Lilian: French for Lily.

  34. Liliana: Italian and Spanish variation of Lilian.

  35. Lily: Botanical name.

  36. Lina: Arabic origin meaning “tender.”

  37. Linda: Spanish for “pretty” or “beautiful.”

  38. Linden: English for the linden tree.

  39. Lindsey: Old English for “island of linden trees.”

  40. Lisa: Diminutive of Elizabeth.

  41. Liv: Norwegian for “life” or “to live.”

  42. Livia: Variation of Olivia.

  43. Lizbeth: Diminutive of Elizabeth.

  44. Lizzie: Diminutive of Elizabeth.

  45. Logan: Scottish for “small hollow” or “little hollow.”

  46. Lola: Spanish diminutive of Dolores.

  47. London: Trendy name made popular by the city.

  48. Lorelei: German for “luring rock” or “alluring temptress.”

  49. Lorena: Spanish variation of Lorraine.

  50. Loretta: English origin meaning “bay laurel.”

  51. Lori: Diminutive of Lorraine.

  52. Lorraine: French origin meaning “from the province of Lorraine.”

  53. Louise: French feminine variation of Louis.

  54. Lucia: Latin for “light” or “illumination.”

  55. Luciana: Italian for “light” or “illumination.”

  56. Lucie: Diminutive of Lucille.

  57. Lucille: French origin meaning “light.”

  58. Lucinda: Spanish for “light” or “illumination.”

  59. Lucy: Variation of Lucie.

  60. Luna: Latin for “moon.”

  61. Lydia: Greek for “woman from Lydia.”

  62. Lyla: Variation of Lila.

  63. Lyra: Greek for “lyre.”

  64. Lyric: English word name denoting a poetic expression.

Girl names that start with M

  1. Mabel: Old English for “lovable” or “dear.”

  2. Maci: Variant of Macy.

  3. Mackenzie: Scottish for “son of the wise ruler.”

  4. Macy: French for “weapon” or “hill.”

  5. Maddie: Diminutive of Madeline.

  6. Madeleine: French variation of Magdalene.

  7. Madeline: English variation of Magdalene.

  8. Madison: English for “son of Matthew.”

  9. Mae: Old English for “may” or “blossom.”

  10. Maeve: Irish for “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates.”

  11. Magdalena: Greek for “woman of Magdala.”

  12. Maggie: Diminutive of Margaret.

  13. Magnolia: Botanical name.

  14. Mai: Japanese origin meaning “coyote.”

  15. Maisie: Scottish diminutive of Margaret.

  16. Malak: Arabic for “angel.”

  17. Malia: Hawaiian for “calm,” “peaceful,” or “serene.”

  18. Mallory: Old French for “unlucky” or “unfortunate.”

  19. Mandy: Diminutive of Amanda.

  20. Mara: Hebrew for “bitter” or “sorrow.”

  21. Marcella: Feminine variation of Marcellus.

  22. Marcia: Feminine variation of Marcius.

  23. Margaret: Greek for “pearl.”

  24. Margot: French diminutive of Margaret.

  25. Maria: Latin variation of Mary.

  26. Mariah: Variant of Maria.

  27. Marian: Variant of Marion.

  28. Mariana: Combination of Maria and Ana, meaning “bitter” and “grace.”

  29. Maribel: Combination of Maria and Isabel, meaning “bitter” and “God is my oath.”

  30. Marie: French variation of Mary.

  31. Marilyn: Combination of Mary and Lynn, meaning “bitter” and “lake.”

  32. Marion: French diminutive of Marie.

  33. Marisol: Spanish for “sea and sun.”

  34. Marjorie: Scottish diminutive of Margaret.

  35. Marlene: German combination of Maria and Magdalene.

  36. Marley: English for “pleasant wood” or “woodland clearing.”

  37. Marnie: English for “of the sea.”

  38. Marsha: Variant of Marcia.

  39. Martha: Aramaic for “lady” or “mistress.”

  40. Mary: Hebrew for “bitter” or “beloved.”

  41. Maryam: Arabic origin meaning “drop of the sea.”

  42. Matilda: Old German for “mighty in battle” or “strength in battle.”

  43. Maureen: Irish diminutive of Mary.

  44. Maxine: Latin for “greatest” or “greatest woman.”

  45. Maya: Greek origin meaning “water.”

  46. Mckenna: Irish for “son of Cionaodh” or “son of the handsome one.”

  47. Mckenzie: Scottish for “son of the wise ruler.”

  48. Mckinley: Scottish for “son of the fair warrior.”

  49. Meera: Sanskrit for “prosperous” or “great.”

  50. Megan: Welsh diminutive of Margaret.

  51. Meghan: Variation of Megan.

  52. Mel: Nickname name.

  53. Melani: Hawaiian for “black” or “dark.”

  54. Melania: Greek for “black” or “dark.”

  55. Melaney: Variant of Melanie.

  56. Melina: Greek for “honey” or “quince.”

  57. Melinda: English origin meaning “beautiful honey.”

  58. Melissa: Greek for “honey bee.”

  59. Melody: Musical name.

  60. Meredith: Welsh for “great ruler” or “sea lord.”

  61. Mercy: English word name.

  62. Merida: Latin origin meaning “one who has achieved a high place of honor.”

  63. Mia: Italian for “mine” or “bitter.”

  64. Michaela: Feminine variation of Michael.

  65. Michelle: French feminine variation of Michel.

  66. Mikayla: Variation of Michaela.

  67. Mila: Slavic for “gracious” or “dear.”

  68. Milan: Italian name made popular by the city.

  69. Milana: Slavic for “gracious” or “dear.”

  70. Milani: Variation of Melanie.

  71. Milena: Czech origin meaning “love, warmth, grace.”

  72. Miley: Modern invented name.

  73. Millie: Diminutive of Millicent.

  74. Millicent: Old German for “strong in work.”

  75. Mindy: Diminutive of Melinda.

  76. Mira: Sanskrit for “sea,” “ocean,” or “admirable.”

  77. Miranda: Latin for “admirable” or “wonderful.”

  78. Miriam: Hebrew for “bitter” or “beloved.”

  79. Molly: Diminutive of Mary.

  80. Mona: Irish for “noble” or “aristocratic.”

  81. Monday: Calendar-inspired name.

  82. Monica: Latin for “advisor” or “alone.”

  83. Monique: French variation of Monica.

  84. Morgan: Welsh for “sea-born” or “circle.”

  85. Muriel: Gaelic for “sea bright” or “shining sea.”

  86. Mya: Variant of Maia.

  87. Myla: Variation of Mila.

  88. Myra: Greek for “sweet” or “myrrh.”

  89. Myrna: Irish for “beloved” or “tender.”

  90. Myrtle: Greek botanical name.

Girl names that start with N

  1. Nadia: Arabic for “hope” or “tender.”

  2. Nadine: French form of Nadia.

  3. Nairobi: Trendy name made popular by the city.

  4. Nala: Swahili for “gift” or “beloved.”

  5. Nalani: Hawaiian for “serenity of the skies” or “the heavens.”

  6. Nancy: Diminutive of Anne.

  7. Naomi: Hebrew for “pleasantness” or “my delight.”

  8. Nara: Sanskrit for “man” or “human.”

  9. Narcissa: Greek for “daffodil” or “self-love.”

  10. Natalia: Latin for “birthday” or “Christmas Day.”

  11. Natalie: French variation of Natalia.

  12. Natalya: Russian variation of Natalia.

  13. Natasha: Russian diminutive of Natalia.

  14. Navy: English word name.

  15. Naya: Arabic for “new” or “fresh.”

  16. Nayeli: Zapotec for “I love you” or “I miss you.”

  17. Neda: Persian for “message” or “divine message.”

  18. Nella: Italian diminutive of Elena or Antonella.

  19. Nellie: Diminutive of Helen.

  20. Nereida: Greek for “sea nymph.”

  21. Nevaeh: Popular modern invented name referring to the reverse spelling of heaven.

  22. Neve: Latin for “snow” or “bright.”

  23. Nia: Welsh for “bright” or “radiant.”

  24. Nicola: Feminine variant of Nicholas.

  25. Nicole: French feminine variant of Nicholas.

  26. Nika: Slavic for “victory.”

  27. Nina: Spanish diminutive of Antonina or Carolina.

  28. Noa: Hebrew for “motion” or “movement.”

  29. Nora: Irish diminutive of Honora, meaning “honor” or “light.”

  30. Norvina: Modern invented name.

  31. Nova: Latin for “new” or “star.”

  32. Noelle: French for “Christmas” or “born on Christmas Day.”

  33. Noemi: Italian variant of Naomi.

  34. Nola: Irish and Gaelic for “famous” or “noble.”

  35. Nylah: Arabic for “winner” or “successful.”

  36. Nyomi: Variant of Naomi.

  37. Nyra: Hindi for “beauty” or “grace.”

Girl names that start with O

  1. Oakley: English for “oak clearing.”

  2. Oceana: Greek for “ocean” or “sea.”

  3. Octavia: Latin for “eighth” or “eighth-born.”

  4. October: Calendar name.

  5. Odalys: Modern name with uncertain origins.

  6. Odelia: Hebrew for “praise God” or “I will praise.”

  7. Odessa: Greek for “long journey” or “odyssey.”

  8. Odette: French origin meaning “wealthy.”

  9. Olga: Slavic for “holy,” “blessed,” or “sacred.”

  10. Olive: English for the olive tree.

  11. Olivia: Latin for “olive tree.”

  12. Olympia: Greek for “from Mount Olympus.”

  13. Omaira: Arabic for “long life.”

  14. Oona: Irish origin meaning “lamb.”

  15. Opal: Gemstone-inspired name.

  16. Ophelia: Greek for “help” or “serpent.”

  17. Ora: Latin for “prayer” or “time.”

  18. Oriana: Latin for “gold” or “sunrise.”

  19. Orla: Irish and Gaelic for “golden princess” or “golden lady.”

Girl names that start with P

  1. Padma: Sanskrit for “lotus” or “divine lotus flower.”

  2. Paige: English for “young servant” or “page to a lord.”

  3. Paisley: Scottish for “church” or “place of worship.”

  4. Paloma: Spanish for “dove” or “peaceful.”

  5. Pam: Nickname name.

  6. Pamela: English origin meaning “all honey.”

  7. Pandora: Greek for “all-gifted” or “gifted by all.”

  8. Paris: Trendy name made popular by the city.

  9. Parisa: Persian for “like a fairy.”

  10. Parker: English for “park keeper” or “gamekeeper.”

  11. Patience: Virtue-inspired name.

  12. Patricia: Latin for “noble” or “noble birth.”

  13. Paulina: Feminine variant of Paul.

  14. Payton: Variation of Peyton.

  15. Pearl: Gemstone-inspired name.

  16. Penelope: Greek for “weaver” or “duck.”

  17. Penny: Diminutive of Penelope.

  18. Persephone: Greek for “destroyer of light” or “bringer of death.”

  19. Petal: Nature-inspired name.

  20. Petra: Greek for “rock” or “stone.”

  21. Peyton: English for “fighting man’s estate.”

  22. Philippa: Greek origin meaning “lover of horses”.

  23. Philomena: Greek for “lover of strength.”

  24. Phoebe: Greek for “bright” or “radiant.”

  25. Phoenix: Greek for “dark red” or “mythical bird reborn from the ashes.”

  26. Pippa: Diminutive of Philippa.

  27. Poppy: English botanical name.

  28. Portia: Latin for “pig.”

  29. Posey: English for “a bunch of flowers.”

  30. Presley: English for “priest’s meadow” or “priest clearing.”

  31. Primrose: English botanical name.

  32. Princess: English word name denoting a royal title or status.

  33. Priscilla: Latin origin meaning “ancient.”

  34. Promise: English word name.

  35. Prudence: Virtue-inspired name.

  36. Prue: Diminutive of Prudence.

Girl names that start with Q

  1. Quincy: Old French for “estate of the fifth son” or “fifth son’s estate.”

  2. Quin: Irish and Gaelic for “wise” or “counsel.”

  3. Queenie: English for “queen-like” or “queenly.”

Girl names that start with R

  1. Rachel: Hebrew for “ewe” or “lamb.”

  2. Raina: Slavic for “queen” or “pure.”

  3. Rainbow: Nature-inspired name.

  4. Raisa: Russian for “easygoing” or “rose.”

  5. Raleigh: English for “meadow of deer.”

  6. Ramona: Spanish for “wise protector” or “counsel protection.”

  7. Rapunzel: German botanical name.

  8. Raquel: Spanish variant of Rachel.

  9. Rashida: Arabic for “righteous.”

  10. Rayna: Hebrew for “song of the Lord.”

  11. Reagan: Irish for “little king.”

  12. Rebecca: Hebrew for “to bind” or “to tie firmly.”

  13. Rebekah: Variant of Rebecca.

  14. Reese: Welsh for “ardor.”

  15. Reign: Trendy English word name.

  16. Remi: French for “oarsman” or “remedy.”

  17. Remington: Old English for “raven estate” or “place on a riverbank.”

  18. Renata: Latin for “reborn” or “born again.”

  19. Renesmee: Literary-inspired name.

  20. Remy: French for “oarsman” or “remedy.”

  21. Renee: French for “reborn” or “born again.”

  22. Reya: Sanskrit for “singer” or “melody.”

  23. Rhea: Greek for “flowing” or “earth.”

  24. Rhian: Welsh for “maiden” or “queen.”

  25. Rhiannon: Welsh for “divine queen” or “great queen.”

  26. Ria: Spanish for “small river.”

  27. Rihanna: Arabic for “sweet basil.”

  28. Riley: Irish and Gaelic for “courageous” or “valiant.”

  29. Risa: Latin for “laughting.”

  30. Riva: Italian for “shore” or “riverbank.”

  31. River: Nature-inspired name.

  32. Rivka: Hebrew for “to bind” or “to tie firmly.”

  33. Rochelle: French place name.

  34. Roisin: Irish and Gaelic for “little rose.”

  35. Romina: Italian for “Roman” or “from Rome.”

  36. Rory: Irish and Gaelic for “red king” or “red-haired.”

  37. Rosa: Latin and Spanish for “rose.”

  38. Rosabel: Combination of Rosa and Bel.

  39. Rosalee: Combination of Rosa and Lee.

  40. Rosalia: Variant of Rosa, meaning “rose.”

  41. Rosalind: German for “gentle horse” or “beautiful rose.”

  42. Rosalyn: Combination of Rosa and Lynn.

  43. Rosanna: Combination of Rosa and Anna.

  44. Rose: Latin botanical name.

  45. Rosemary: Combination of Rose and Mary.

  46. Rosie: Diminutive of Rose.

  47. Rosy: Variant of Rosie.

  48. Rowan: Irish and Gaelic for “little redhead” or “red-haired one.”

  49. Rowen: Variant of Rowan.

  50. Rowena: Welsh for “white spear.”

  51. Roxanne: Persian for “dawn.”

  52. Roxy: Diminutive of Roxanne.

  53. Royal: English word name.

  54. Royalty: English word name.

  55. Ruby: Gemstone-inspired name.

  56. Rumer: English origin meaning “fame.”

  57. Ruth: Hebrew for “compassionate friend” or “companion.”

  58. Ruthie: Diminutive of Ruth.

  59. Ryan: Irish and Gaelic for “little king” or “illustrious.”

  60. Ryanne: Feminine variation of Ryan.

  61. Rylan: Irish for “island meadow.”

  62. Ryland: Old English for “rye land” or “land where rye is grown.”

  63. Ryleigh: Variation of Riley.

Girl names that start with S

  1. Sabrina: Celtic for “from the boundary river.”

  2. Saffron: English spice name.

  3. Sage: English for “wise and judicious.”

  4. Saige: Variant of Sage.

  5. Salem: Hebrew for “peace” or “complete.”

  6. Salma: Arabic for “safe” or “peaceful.”

  7. Samara: Hebrew for “under God’s rule” or “protected by God.”

  8. Samira: Arabic for “companion in evening talk” or “entertaining companion.”

  9. Sanaa: Arabic for “radiance” or “splendor.”

  10. Sanai: African for “praised” or “bright.”

  11. Saniyah: Arabic for “resplendence” or “brilliance.”

  12. Santana: Spanish for “holy” or “sacred.”

  13. Saoirse: Irish and Gaelic for “freedom” or “liberty.”

  14. Sapphire: Gemstone-inspired name.

  15. Sariah: Hebrew for “princess of the Lord” or “princess of God.”

  16. Sarina: Hebrew for “princess” or “noble.”

  17. Sariyah: Arabic for “clouds at night” or “miraculous.”

  18. Sasha: Russian diminutive of Alexandra.

  19. Savanna: Spanish origin meaning “flat tropical grassland.”

  20. Sawyer: English for “woodcutter” or “one who saws wood.”

  21. Scarlet: English color name.

  22. Selah: Hebrew musical term found in the Psalms, meaning “pause” or “reflect.”

  23. Selena: Greek for “moon” or “goddess of the moon.”

  24. Seraphina: Hebrew for “fiery” or “burning one.”

  25. Serenity: English word name.

  26. Shiloh: Hebrew for “peaceful” or “tranquil.”

  27. Sienna: Italian for “orange-red” or “reddish-brown.”

  28. Sierra: Spanish for “saw” or “mountain range.”

  29. Siena: Italian for “orange-red” or “reddish-brown.”

  30. Sierra: Spanish for “saw” or “mountain range.”

  31. Silas: Greek for “forest” or “wood.”

  32. Silvia: Latin for “wood” or “forest.”

  33. Simone: French feminine variant of Simon.

  34. Sky: Nature-inspired name.

  35. Skyler: Variant of the Dutch Schuyler which means “scholar.”

  36. Sloane: Irish for “warrior” or “raider.”

  37. Sofia: Greek for “wisdom” or “wise.”

  38. Sonali: Hindi for “golden” or “beautiful.”

  39. Sophia: Greek for “wisdom” or “wise.”

  40. Sophie: French diminutive of Sophia.

  41. Soraya: Persian for “princess” or “star.”

  42. Sparrow: Nature-inspired name.

  43. Stacy: Variant of Anastasia.

  44. Star: Celestial-inspired name.

  45. Stella: Latin for “star.”

  46. Stephanie: Greek for “crown” or “garland.”

  47. Storm: Nature-inspired name.

  48. Stormi: Modern invented nature-inspired name.

  49. Summer: English season-inspired name.

  50. Sunday: Calendar-inspired name.

  51. Sunny: Nickname name.

  52. Susan: Hebrew for “lily” or “rose.”

  53. Susannah: Variant of Susan.

  54. Sutton: Old English for “southern settlement” or “south town.”

  55. Sylvia: Latin for “wood” or “forest.”

  56. Sylvie: French variation of Sylvia.

Girl names that start with T

  1. Tabitha: Aramaic for “gazelle.”

  2. Tahani: Arabic for “best wishes.”

  3. Talia: Hebrew origin meaning “gentle dew from heaven.”

  4. Tallulah: Native American origin meaning “leaping water or “lady of abundance.”

  5. Tamara: Hebrew for “date palm tree.”

  6. Tammy: Nickname name.

  7. Tania: Diminutive of Tatiana.

  8. Taryn: Irish and Gaelic for “hill” or “rocky hill.”

  9. Tatiana: Russian origin meaning “fairy queen.”

  10. Tatum: Old English for “Tate’s homestead” or “cheerful bringer of joy.”

  11. Taylor: English occupational name for a tailor.

  12. Teagan: Irish and Gaelic for “little poet” or “attractive.”

  13. Tennessee: Native American origin.

  14. Tenley: English for “burnt clearing” or “town on the long field.”

  15. Teresa: Spanish for “to harvest.”

  16. Tessa: Diminutive of Theresa.

  17. Thalia: Greek for “blooming” or “to blossom.”

  18. Thea: Greek for “goddess” or “divine.”

  19. Theodora: Greek for “gift of God” or “God’s gift.”

  20. Theresa: English variation of Teresa.

  21. Tiana: Slavic for “fairy queen.”

  22. Tiffany: Greek for “manifestation of God” or “appearance of God.”

  23. Tinsley: Old English for “Tynni’s meadow” or “clearing.”

  24. Tori: Japanese for “bird” or “bird of prey.”

  25. Tracy: Old French for “place of Thracius” or “warlike.”

  26. Trinity: Latin for “triad.”

  27. Trisha: Diminutive of Patricia.

  28. True: English virtue-inspired name.

  29. Tulip: English botanical name.

Girl names that start with U

  1. Uma: Sanskrit for “flax” or “splendor.”

  2. Umi: Japanese for “sea” or “ocean.”

  3. Una: Latin origin meaning “one” or “lamb” or “happy.”

  4. Unity: English word name.

  5. Uriah: Hebrew for “God is my light” or “flame of God.”

  6. Ursa: Latin for “bear” or “she-bear.”

  7. Ursula: Latin for “little bear.”

Girl names that start with V

  1. Vale: Geographical-inspired name.

  2. Valentina: Latin for “strength.”

  3. Valeria: Latin for “strong, healthy” or “strength.”

  4. Valerie: French variant of Valeria.

  5. Vanessa: Literary-inspired name.

  6. Veda: Sanskrit for “knowledge” or “sacred knowledge.”

  7. Velma: German for “will helmet.”

  8. Venetia: Italian city name.

  9. Venus: Latin for “desire.”

  10. Vera: Russian and Slavic for “faith” or “truth.”

  11. Veronica: Greek for “she who brings victory.”

  12. Victoria: Latin for “victory” or “conqueror.”

  13. Vickie: Nickname name.

  14. Vienna: Name made popular by the city.

  15. Viola: Musical name and Latin for “violet.”

  16. Violet: English botanical name.

  17. Violette: French diminutive of Violet.

  18. Virginia: Latin for “virgin” or “pure.”

  19. Vivian: Latin for “life.”

  20. Viviana: Italian variation of Vivian.

  21. Vivienne: French variation of Vivian.

Girl names that start with W

  1. Wanda: Slavic for “shepherdess” or “wanderer.”

  2. Waverly: English surname name.

  3. Wednesday: Popular calendar-inspired name.

  4. Wendy: English origin meaning “friend.”

  5. Waverly: English surname name, referring to “meadow of quivering aspens.”

  6. Whitney: English surname name, referring to “white island.”

  7. Willa: Feminine variation of William.

  8. Willow: Nature-inspired name.

  9. Winifred: Welsh origin meaning “blessed peacemaking”.

  10. Winnie: Diminutive of Winifred.

  11. Wren: Nature-inspired name.

  12. Wrenlee: Combination of Wren and Lee.

  13. Wyatt: Surname name meaning “brave in war.”

  14. Wynne: Welsh for “fair” or “blessed.”

  15. Winter: Nature-inspired name.

Girl names that start with X

  1. Xandra: Diminutive of Alexandra.

  2. Xanthe: Greek for “yellow” or “blonde hair.”

  3. Xena: Greek for “guest.”

  4. Xenia: Greek for “hospitality” or “guest-friendship.”

  5. Ximena: Spanish feminine variant of Simon.

Girl names that start with Y

  1. Yael: Hebrew for “ibex”

  2. Yana: Slavic variation of Jana.

  3. Yara: Arabic for “small butterfly” or “spring.”

  4. Yasmin: Persian for “jasmine flower.”

  5. Yelena: Russian form of Helen, meaning “torch” or “bright, shining light.”

  6. Ynez: Spanish and Portuguese variant of Agnes, meaning “pure” or “chaste.”

  7. Yoko: Japanese for “positive child” or “child of sunlight.”

  8. Yolanda: Spanish for “violet flower” or “beautiful flower.”

  9. Yuna: Japanese for “gentle” or “kind.”

  10. Yvette: French diminutive of Yvonne, meaning “yew” or “archer.”

  11. Yvonne: French for “yew” or “archer.”

Girl names that start with Z

  1. Zadie: Variation of Sadie.

  2. Zahara: Swahili for “flower” or “to shine.”

  3. Zainab: Arabic for “fragrant flower” or “beauty.”

  4. Zara: Arabic for “princess” or “flower.”

  5. Zarina: Persian for “golden” or “princess.”

  6. Zelda: Old German for “gray battle” or “dark warrior.”

  7. Zelena: Slavic for “goddess of life” or “moonlight.”

  8. Zena: Greek for “stranger” or “woman of Zeus.”

  9. Zendaya: African origin meaning “to give thanks.”

  10. Zinnia: Latin botanical name.

  11. Zoe: Greek for “life” or “living.”

  12. Zoey: Variation of Zoe.