1 horse remains under observation and another is expected to recover fully after London rampage

LONDON (AP) — One of the military horses that broke away from their trainers and galloped through the streets of London last week is expected to make a full recovery while another remains under observation, the British Army said Monday.

Quaker, a black horse, has shown "significant improvement'' on the way to what is expected to be a complete recovery, the army said on X, formerly known as Twitter. Vida, a gray, remains under "close and careful'' veterinary observation for his injuries.

The horses were part of a group that was being trained for ceremonial duties on April 24 when they were spooked by builders moving rubble near Buckingham Palace. Vida was widely photographed covered in blood as he galloped through central London.

Two service personnel injured in the incident are still undergoing treatment in the hospital but will make a full recovery, the army said. The others have returned to work.

“Healing takes time — please be patient as we support that process," the army said. "The soldiers and horses are all receiving the very best of care.”