15 Wolf Cut Ideas for Curly and Wavy Hair

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Bobs, lobs, curtain bangs, feathered layers, and blunt cuts have all had a moment in 2023. While each haircut has something to offer, overall, they can all be categorized as classic. If you're looking to really transform the shape of your hair—particularly if your goal is to go edgy and bold—a wolf cut might be the perfect option.

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"The wolf cut consists of bangs and lots of layers," says Naté Bova, a Warren Tricomi NYC master hairstylist and founder of Naté Haircare. "The layering is mainly cut around the face frame and on the sides and back, so the top isn’t round but lays flatter. This gives emphasis to the bangs and layering around the face and from the temples down to the bottom of the haircut."

Jenna Ortega, Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Miley Cyrus are among the straight-haired celebs who have rocked the cut—which may make you wonder if only individuals with straight hair can pull it off. Fret not! Anyone can embrace a wolf cut, curly girls included. "Wolf cuts work especially well on curly/wavy hair because the texture adds so much to the look," Bova says. "Lots of volume and movement happens with wavy and curly textures."

Ready to hop on the bandwagon? Ahead, find over a dozen wolf cut ideas for curly hair, plus tips on how to achieve the look.

Coily Wolf Cut

<p>John Shearer/Getty Images</p>

John Shearer/Getty Images

According to Bova, wolf cuts are a beautiful way to play up bone structure on an array of face shapes. Here, you can see firsthand how the layered look highlights Indya Moore's high cheekbones.

Butter Blonde Wolf Cut

<p>Monica Schipper/Getty Images</p>

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Grace Bowers proves that curly wolf cuts can look incredibly flattering on round faces. Additionally, she showcases the appeal of decking it out with a trendy butter blonde hue.

Mid-Length Wolf Cut

<p>Laulanne Cecilia</p>

Laulanne Cecilia

Wolf cuts come in all lengths. The key to achieving your ideal length is being clear about what exactly you want. "When asking your stylist for the wolf haircut, inspiration photos are key," Bova says. "You can then establish if you want short or long bangs and how much layering is necessary for your texture."

High-Shine Wolf Cut

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty Images</p>

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

You may have noticed that wolf cuts take on a tapered appearance. There's a reason for that. "A wolf cut is characterized by short layers internally with less weight through the ends," says Adriana Papaleo, artistic director and head of cutting at Rob Peetoom Salon in Brooklyn, NY. "It gives lots of lift and texture because of the layering and weight removal. Think of a blend between a  traditional shag and a mullet."

Pinned-Back Wolf Cut

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Paul Morigi/Getty Images

No matter your hair texture, stylist Carolyn Aronson, founder and CEO of It's a 10 Haircare, says that wolf cuts work best on those with thicker hair. (Here, you can see how the trendy haircut looks on actor Alia Shawkat, who wears it in a pinned-back style.) Communicating with your stylist will allow you to find a wolf cut variation that works best for your specific hair, though.

Soft Wave Wolf Cut

<p>Rob Kim/Getty Images</p>

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Brettman Rock's thick hair looks cool and refined in a shoulder-skimming wolf cut. According to Aronson, wolf haircuts work especially well for people with super thick hair, "as it completely transforms the heaviness of their hair and gives it a new shape," she says.

Sandy Blonde Wolf Cut

<p>Debby Ryan</p>

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan's wolf cut is a bit more subdued in shape and hue. There may be a reason for that. Wolf cuts can require careful styling, so it's important to be honest with yourself about what you will and won't commit to with the cut. “Talking to your stylist about what you love about your hair and equally what can keep you stuck at the mirror an extra 10 mins when getting ready is very important,” Papaleo says.


If you’re unsure where to begin, Papeleo says to bring an image, be ready to discuss your styling lifestyle, and ask questions about which type of layers will work best on your hair type.

Wolf Cut Lob

<p>305pics/Getty Images</p>

305pics/Getty Images

If you have coily hair like Leila Depina's, Aronson says that you need to be clear with your stylist not to over-layer it. The more layers they add, the more square and less bouncy your overall cut can look.

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Jagged Wolf Cut

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Papaleo is a firm believer that the wolf cut works best on those with natural movement in their hair (i.e. people with curly or wave tresses). "Straighter textures can work as well, but the hair will have less visible texture if your hair is glassy and sleek," she explains. Case in point? Doja Cat's sleek, jagged wolf cut. It features minimal waves, but one thing's for sure: It's still a vibe.

Pastel Tomato Wolf Cut

<p>Paul Archuleta/Getty Images</p>

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

"If your hair is thicker, shorter layers and more shagging is best," Aronson says. Here, you can see how that approach fared well for Natasha Lyonne. Cut aside, Papaleo says that the products you use can make a big difference in how your wolf cut looks. To recreate Lyonne's look, for example, she says texturizing products work wonders. "Davines Momo Hair Potion ($30) is a favorite of mine to start to prep the hair for any styling where a bit of hold is helpful," she shares.

Caramel Coil Wolf Cut

<p>Edward Berthelot/Getty Images</p>

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The color of your wolf cut can transform the overall appearance of it, too. Just look at how French influencer Paola Locatelli's coils pop with caramel highlights.

Platinum Wolf Cut

<p>Amy Sussman/Getty Images</p>

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

If your hair is thinner, Aronson says a longer, less layered version of the wolf cut may work best. For Miley Cyrus, that meant keeping the layers to her face-framing fringe with minimal chops anywhere else.

Sunlit Wolf Cut

<p>Jerritt Clark/Getty Images</p>

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Here we have another coily-haired beauty proving just how well a wolf cut works with color-treated curls. And that shine? It's blinding. To achieve a similar sheen, try using the R+Co Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion ($32). The delightfully scented lotion is virtually weightless and works to smooth strands and add flexible hold and high shine to all hair types.

Side Part Wolf Cut

<p><a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/CHLTYbvBqcY/" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">Chris Appleton</a></p>

While most wolf cuts feature classic, straight-across bangs, Jennifer Lopez proves a side-swept approach works, too. She also shows us how a more mattified finish can enhance the cut. Interested in creating a similar style? Consider working the OUAI Matte Pomade ($26) through your waves or curls to add shape and definition without shine.

Fluffy Wolf Cut

<p>Naomi McPherson</p>

Naomi McPherson

Here, singer Naomi McPherson makes a case for an airier, less-styled wolf cut. And we have to say, we love the natural ease of it.

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