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18 things Yahoo shopping editors tried and loved in January 2024

We shop for a living, and these are the items we're loving most for 2024.

editor favorites: lululemon leggings, smart bulb, body wash, fridge organizer
From comfy workout wear to organizational helpers, 'new year, new you' seemed to be the theme in this installment of editor favorites. (Amazon/Lululemon)

The start of a new year offers the perfect opportunity to take stock of all the ways we can optimize our lives, whether that means prioritizing health, organizing the house, saving money or all of the above. And even if you're not the traditional resolution type, surely you have a laundry list of tasks to complete for 2024. Having the right products can make a big difference, and these are the items we shopping editors are currently using to help us accomplish our goals, or just make life a little easier.

From an ultra-comfy pair of Lululemon leggings to a 16-piece set of fridge organizers, our trusty picks run the gamut from fun and stylish to practical. Keep scrolling to see what else we're loving — you just might find your new favorite thing!

Dry skin getting you down? Boost hydration with this oil-to-gel formula.

$16 at Amazon
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$16 at Ulta Beauty$16 at Target

"Instead of wallowing about the state of my dry, itchy skin, I took action and ordered this ultra-hydrating body wash. It dispenses as a silky oil, but turns into a foamy lather as you work it into your skin. Not only is the experience incredibly luxe, but it does exactly what it claims, aka taking my skin from scaly to soft and smooth. It's become my winter skin savior — and now, I'm just waiting for the complementary body butter to come back in stock so I can double down on hydration!" Amanda Garrity, Gift Guides Editor

This tire inflator is something you'll never want to be on the road without!

$32 at Amazon

"I swear this story is true. I resolved to get my car shipshape for 2024, so when I saw this air compressor discounted during our post-Christmas shopping coverage, I decided to get it as a nice bit of insurance against low tire pressure in the cold months ahead. About 10 days after I received it from Amazon, I hit a piece of metal something or other on a back road and blew out a tire. I called AAA, and in short order the guy replaced the tire with my spare. But, after years of it sitting in the trunk, the spare had to be inflated. Get this — the guy did not have a device to add air to the spare! He got in his truck to head back to the garage and grab one when it occurred to me that I had an air compressor. I waved him down, and then he watched as the VacLife Portable Air Compressor filled the tire. It plugged easily into the 12V port and worked perfectly. It even had a digital gauge to show the pressure as it climbed. The AAA guy picked it up and looked it over, then gave me a solid nod of approval. The VacLife added plenty enough air to get me to the shop, where I got a new tire. Ta-da!" —Anna Wahrman, Shopping Editor

Supercharge your day and hydrate with VitaPods Hydra+, beauty and immunity pods — packed with vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The flavors are so yummy, you'll actually enjoy drinking water!

$66 at Amazon

"My entire family loves these tasty pods. I especially love that each pod is packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and contain little to no sodium, zero sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and non-GMO. We get the assorted packs with Hydra+, Beauty, Immune support, Energy and Sports pods. The range of 11 different flavors is also seriously impressive. I personally love the Blueberry Pomegranate, Raspberry Hibiscus, Blackberry Mint and Iced Tea+ Peach." April McCormick, Senior Health Editor

According to the most recent Google Holiday 100 list, this flameless candle warmer was the top-trending interior decor item last year — and my fire-fearing self is not at all surprised.

$38 at Amazon

"Lighting candles sounds relaxing, but when you have a fire phobia (like I do), you spend the whole time worrying that you'll burn your house down! This year, I resolved to carve out more time for R&R and actually make use of the items that have been sitting around my home. With this candle warmer, I'm able to achieve both. Since receiving it as a gift from my husband, I've dusted off my neglected candle collection and can now sit back and enjoy their cozy scents without a lick of stress. Oh, and because this one has a dimmer, it creates the most warm, inviting glow — I don't think I'll ever turn on my overhead light again!" —Britt Ross, Deals Writer

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This multicolor smart bulb allows you to enjoy a wide range of colors and brightnesses just about anywhere that allows the usage of a standard A19 lightbulb. It can be used in many smart home systems if you already have a hub set up (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa) and can even be used without a hub with the Kasa app, so you can access your home's lighting from pretty much anywhere.

$10 at Amazon

"In the new year, my husband and I have been working on the little touches around our house to make it more comfortable and livable, now that we're (mostly) unpacked and (pretty much) settled in from our big move this summer. One of those little touches has been converting many of our lamps and overhead lights to smart bulbs — partially because we're a big lamp-using family (I really hate the 'big light') and partially because our house can get quite dark in the evening, and it's so useful to be able to turn lights on while we're away from the house so our dog isn't stuck in the pitch darkness, or so we won't be coming home to a spookily dark abode. These Kasa bulbs have been super easy to integrate into our existing Google Home system, and we haven't had any trouble setting them up for automations or accessing them via the Google Home or Kasa apps. Plus, a 1-pack is nearly 70% off! If you're looking to upgrade your smart home sitch, I say 'let there be light.'" —Carrie McCabe, Senior Deals Writer

This leave-in conditioner detangles, adds shine and helps smooth frizz, plus the combination of coconut, olive and camellia seed oils hydrates dry strands.

$35 at Amazon
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$35 at Ulta Beauty$35 at Sephora

"Now that my bleach blonde days are behind me, I've resolved to make 2024 the year I'm way gentler on my hair. I'm a big fan of one-and-done products, and this Pureology spray is it: I just spritz it on damp hair and style as usual. I love that it provides heat protection too, so when I choose to give myself an at-home blowout, my strands don't look or feel fried. It's also safe on color-treated hair, plus it smells incredible. I'm still on my first bottle, but I already bought a second as a backup, in case Pureology ever stops making this stuff (and if they do, I'll absolutely buy out their stock)." —Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

Eating meals at home is more fun when you have beautiful dinnerware.

$40 at West Elm

"When I tallied up how much I'd spent on takeout last year, I was shocked and ashamed. I vowed to eat more meals at home (and save money as result!), but needed a little inspiration. I decided to splurge on some new Marimekko dinnerware from West Elm. All the pieces are microwave- and dishwasher-safe and easily stack on top of each other in my cabinets. My dumplings cravings aren't completely gone, but I am definitely inspired to cook more so I can eat on my pretty new plates." —Jeanine Edwards, Commerce Director

Alleviate foot pain and bring a spring back to your step with these ultra-comfortable toe stretchers.

$10 at Amazon

"My new year intention is to start taking better care of small, annoying health things I tend to neglect and, while there's nothing sexy or cool about foot pain, I've had some recently and have been searching for relief. These toe stretchers are less intense than the more well-known (and expensive) versions, they're meant to relax tense foot muscles and aid in proper alignment. You can wear them under socks AND shoes and honestly, they're comfortable enough to keep on all day." Jennifer Romolini, Senior Beauty Editor

Hit the gym in this super flattering workout top that features a supportive built-in bra.

$68 at Beyond Yoga

"I've been trying to go to the gym 4-5 days a week this year, so as a little motivation, I treated myself to a new workout top from my favorite activewear brand, Beyond Yoga. While this tank may look simple, it's anything but basic. It has a built-in bra, comes in regular and cropped lengths, a wide size range and wicks sweat like a pro. But my favorite thing about it is that it's made with Beyond Yoga's Spacedye fabric — it's so soft that I'm truly tempted to wear this top to bed. It's also wildly flattering so I walk into the gym feeling like a million bucks." —Julia Webb, Commerce Manager

Cut back on waste while saving face with these reusable makeup cloths. They’re machine-washable and feel like a dream.

$33 at Amazon

"A big part of my New Year’s resolutions is focused on reusables in an attempt to cut back on the amount of plastic/trash I’m contributing to landfills (and eventually, my spending). I replaced single-use makeup cloths by purchasing a few sets of ultra-soft facial cloths from The Mitty, which clean up excess dirt and oils without stripping my skin of essential oils and can be thrown right in the laundry when I’m finished. I’ve also switched to reusable soap pumps and cleaning bottles, swapped plastic bags and wraps with resealable options (from Ophilia and W&P) and I’ve been using my Yeti Rambler Water Bottle and Coffee Mug as a way to stay hydrated — and caffeinated — daily." —Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

These vitamin C ampoules with hyaluronic acid help brighten and hydrate dull, winter skin.

$112 at ISDIN
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$120 at$120 at Dermstore

"I resolved to supplement my basic skin-care routine with a potent vitamin C serum to see if it really does contribute to luminosity. As a former beauty editor, I rarely add a product to my routine out of fatigue and skepticism. Not this year! After several friends raved about this, I finally added it to my cart and have been using it every morning before applying my Elta MD UV Clear moisturizer with SPF." —Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

Poorly organized fridges belong in the same place as forgotten takeout: far, far away. This 16-piece organizer helps divide the refrigerator into food-prep-ready sections.

$37 at Amazon

"As the primary cook in the house, I am particular about the layout of my fridge. I've resolved to waste less food this year, and part of that means being able to easily see (and access!) what's in my kitchen. I especially like the ridges at the bottom of these bins, which helps keep produce above any condensation — although I do supplement that with a folded paper towel. This set will, hopefully, help avoid the 'back shelf takeout' fiasco that my wife and I have agreed to never speak of again." —Patrick Hearn, Deals Writer

Infused with hydrating jojoba esters and moisture-locking squalane, this lipstick will keep your lips supple all day long.

$9 at Amazon
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$9 at Ulta Beauty$9 at Rite Aid

"I only own a few E.l.f. Cosmetics products, but it's quickly becoming a favorite. This lipstick is AMAZING. It's from the O Face Satin line and the shade called Dirty Talk — it's the one that inspired the now-sold-out Dirty Pillows shade from Jennifer Coolidge's collab. It's long-lasting with an ultra-luxe texture with a satin finish — and the packaging makes it feel expensive." —Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

These flattering, size-inclusive leggings — available in sizes 0 through 20 — come in four different lengths. Believe me, you'll wear them constantly.

$98 at Lululemon

"I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while, but for some reason never tried the Align Leggings. When my sister surprised me with a pair for Christmas, I was excited. I’ve only had them for a short time, but I've hardly taken them off. It's the four-way stretch material that makes them so comfortable. Since I’ve gotten them, I actually look forward to going to the gym. They sculpt me in a super flattering way without feeling tight or restrictive. Plus, they're sweat-wicking and pass the squat test." —Rebecca Carhart, Fashion and Beauty Writer

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Cold room? As long as it's a small or medium space, Dreo's smart heater will help keep you cozy.

$110 at Amazon

"Two things separate this heater from the crowd. First, it mounts on a wall, where you don't have to worry about tripping over it or accidentally knocking it over. Second, it's smart, able to respond to both app and voice commands. Once you get accustomed to telling Alexa to heat up the bedroom, you'll never go back." —Rick Broida, Executive Commerce Editor, Tech

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Ironing is a thing of the past, thanks to this portable gadget that provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steam.

$20 at Amazon
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$20 at Walmart$28 at Wayfair

"If I'm being completely honest, I haven't owned an iron in years. This has caused me to a) wear wrinkled clothes or b) spend too much money on trips to the dry cleaners. For the holidays, my sister gifted me this Conair steamer and it's changed my life. It's small, but powerful and heats up in 60 seconds. It de-wrinkles my clothes in minutes and works well on all types of fabrics. It's small enough to take with you while traveling too!" —Rory Halperin, Partnerships and Branded Content Editor

Stay warm without the bulk with this heated fleece wrap. It has three heat settings and an automatic shutoff — especially handy since it just might lull you to sleep.

$80 at Amazon

"The recent single-digit temps quickly made this thoughtful Christmas gift into my winter MVP. Bonus: It's helping with a New Year's resolution not to crank up the thermostat! This wrap is just the right size for keeping me toasty, whether I’m at my desk or on the couch, and I find myself reaching for it a lot more than our much bulkier full-size heated blanket. (It’s also turned me into a cat magnet — bonus heat source for the win!)" —Saundra Latham, Commerce Editor

Anti-aging doesn't just start and end with your face — and this creamy, preventative formula is a dream for every part of your body.

$25 at Amazon
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$25 at Ulta Beauty$25 at Target

"One of my resolutions for 2024 is to give the rest of my body the same type of attention I give my face and neck when it comes to skin care. My a.m. and p.m. rituals are intricate, but using just any old lotion on my body after a shower isn't going to cut it, especially if I want to maintain that youthful glow. I love how affordable and effective Naturium products are — which makes their Skin-Renewing Retinol Body Lotion perfect for achieving my goal. It is super moisturizing, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin (yay for a fragrance-free pick!) and I am already seeing a real difference when it comes to texture, tone and general softness. I have found 'the one!'" —Zainab Akande, Editorial Manager, Commerce Curation