20 Rattlesnakes Found Inside Man's Arizona Garage — and One Was Pregnant: 'This Is Crazy'

Snake wrangler Marissa Maki said the snakes likely found easy access to the garage through a small gap by the door

A homeowner in Arizona originally thought he had three rattlesnakes in his garage, but soon learned there were nearly seven times as many.

Snake wrangler Marissa Maki recently helped the homeowner gather 20 western diamondback rattlesnakes that were hiding in the garage attached to his residence in Mesa, according to a video from the company Rattlesnake Solutions.

Initially, Maki believed she was traveling to the home to collect a trio of snakes that had been inside the garage “for a few days.”

But when she arrived, both Maki and the homeowner were surprised to learn that 20 snakes — five adults and 15 babies — were actually inside. One of the snakes, she later added, appeared to be pregnant.

“There’s a lot of snakes in here!” Maki told the homeowner, who was also surprised to learn the extend of the infestation.

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Western diamondback rattlesnakes, which can be between 4 and 6 feet in length as adults, tend to “hibernate in groups in small caves or abandoned burrows,” according to a fact sheet from the National Park Service.

“They just found a nice spot to have their babies,” Maki said while picking up the baby rattlesnakes in the clip.

The homeowner said he “tried waiting them out” for a few weeks before seeking help. But he admittedly did not know the scale of the problem until Maki arrived.

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Several snakes were found curled up in a corner by the home’s water heater. Maki had to use multiple buckets to carry the rattlesnakes out of the garage.

“This might be the most snakes I’ve ever got in one call,” Maki told the homeowner in the clip.

Maki believes the snakes may have been in the Mesa garage before, having found easy access through a small gap by the door.

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Many of the snakes, including some of the babies, had shed their skin while hiding in the garage. Maki said that could be an indication that some of the babies may have already left the garage, or that some were preparing to do so soon.

Company owner Bryan Hughes said the shedded snake skins appear to indicate that around 40 snakes were inside the garage at one point, according to the Associated Press. and USA Today.

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In the meantime, he added, “This is our record for the most rattlesnakes caught in one call!”

"This is crazy," Maki told the homeowner, going on to add that even though it was "a lot of snakes," it was still "a very fun call!"

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