This is what your 2018 style should be, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type

Patrice J. Williams
This is what your 2018 style should be, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type

The new year is just a few weeks away, so that means everyone is making resolutions for 2018. They probably revolve around finances or fitness, but what about fashion? Style resolutions for the new year are totally a thing. (Or, I think they should be.)

That’s where Myers-Briggs comes in. The personality test is a series of questions that gauge how you perceive the world, and it can even have an impact on how introverts and extroverts sleep and dream. The 16 different personality types range from ISTJ to ENFP and besides impacting how you sleep, we also feel they have a hand in establishing your true personality type power colors.

Now that you know what color works best for your personality, it’s time to find the right style. From boho to casual chic to relaxed, these types of dress are perfect for your character — and a great way to start 2018 with a bang.

ESTJ: you’re realistic and can make decisions quickly. 

Casual chic: you keep it simple but still cute at all times.

Rachel Rachel Roy Embellished Jacket, Macy’s, $107

ISTJ: a hard worker and reliable. 

Classic: trends are cool, but you appreciate a timeless style.

Style & Co. Draped Blazer, Macy’s, $25

ESFJ: you enjoy helping others. 

Trendy classic: that may sound like a contradiction, but you effortlessly mix what’s old with the new and everyone admires it.

Pinstripe Romper, ASOS, $72

ISFJ: modest, but determined, and a peacemaker. 

Modest: your hemlines may be long and your necklines high, but you also love a bold color.

Frill Trim Blouse, SheIn, $19

ESTP: you love a bit of excitement, and maybe even ~drama~. 

Glamorous: you appreciate the glitz and glam.

Jaded London Maxi Kimono, ASOS, $158

ISTP: straightforward, honest, and practical. 

casual dress

Minimalist: frills and fluff just don’t appeal to your practical side.

A New Day Denim Shirt Dress, Target, $28

ESFP: you love interacting with and even empowering others. 

Funky: your style is hard to define, as you wear it all. But everyone always wonders how you pull off literally every look.

Studded Boot, Nasty Gal, $60

ISFP: warm, sympathetic, and attentive. 

Romantic: blush tones and ladylike pieces are your go-to.

Gem and Rhinestone Top Handle Bag, Aldo, $60

ENTJ: you’re logical, efficient, and super organized. 

Relaxed: you love a comfy hoodie or loose sweater dress. Who doesn’t?

Zipper Front Sweater Dress, Missguided, $12

INTJ: you’re a perfectionist, but march to your own beat. 

Menswear-inspired: you’ve never been afraid to take a page from the boys and put your own spin on it.

Check Tailored Blazer, Boohoo, $35

ENFJ: high-achieving leader. 

Professional: button-downs, trousers, and blazers are serious staples for you.

Kady Fit Plaid Pants, Eloquii, $90

INFJ: insightful and you see the bigger picture. 

Risk taker: you mix prints and patterns like no other.

Topshop Colorblock Coat, Nordstrom, $195

ENTP: creative and never backs down from a challenge. 

Edgy: you’re that one friend who can pull of any and every look, effortlessly.

Taylor Embellished Moto Jacket, Nordstrom, $134

INTP: independent and a natural problem solver. 

Thrifty: you wear it all, but really do it on a budget and make everything look like a million bucks.

Peplum Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit, Charlotte Russe, $27

ENFP: confident and creative #goaldigger. 

Trendy: you’ve never met a trend you didn’t try.

Bejeweled Mesh Boots, Forever 21, $43

INFP: sensitive, and people feel comfortable around you. 

Bohemian: lace, fringe, tie dye and paisley keep you happy.

Fringe Romper, Nasty Gal, $36

Now go forth and slay!