A 38-Year-Old Said This 50%-Off Eye Cream Reduced Their “Heavy Lines” in 2 Weeks

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But shop fast: the Clarins eye cream is only on sale today at Ulta.

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When it comes to eye cream, the jury’s out (for me, anyway). I’ve suffered from dark circles since high school, and in recent years have noticed laugh lines forming around my eyes. I’ve tried hundreds of eye creams over the years to minimize the wrinkles and dark circles, with varying effects from none at all to slightly passable; frankly, most of the time, I give up trying. However, when I came across the almost 3,000 shopper reviews for the Clarins Total Eye Lift Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream at Ulta, I was impressed — and they may have just convinced me to give eye cream another go.

Just my luck, too: the Clarins Total Eye Lift Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream is currently on sale for 50 percent off — bringing its price tag down to $46 — today only at Ulta.





The Clarins eye cream caught my attention for multiple reasons. For starters, the lightweight balm is formulated with ingredients of 94 percent natural origin — like organic harungana extract, which has been studied to have “retinol-like properties” and helps visibly firm skin while still being gentle. It also contains a host of ingredients to bring a brighter, more refreshed look to the eye area: albizia bark extract, which has “significant antioxidant effects,” including improving “moisture content” and “elasticity,” per a 2022 study, and horse chestnut, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help minimize dark circles and puffiness. Plus, D-panthenol, an emollient helps enhance lashes and brows as it melts into skin.

A 38-year-old shopper who said they “stopped smiling in pictures” because of the “fine lines around [their] eyes” said that those “heavy lines” were “virtually gone” thanks to the Clarins eye cream. “I started using this stuff maybe two weeks ago,” they wrote. “I’m ecstatic.” Another shopper in their 60s with dark circles and crepey skin said the area under their eyes was “much tighter” after adding the cream to their evening routine. Still more shoppers said it “blends into wrinkles well,” leaves skin “smooth,” and that it’s “worth every penny” even when it’s not on sale.

The eye cream also helps prep the eye area for makeup application — or, in the case of one satisfied shopper, to stop using makeup altogether. “After three weeks I have forgotten to put on heavy concealer several times, which I have used daily for a few years now,” they said. Not only that, but it helped fill in another reviewer’s sparse lashes. “They stay curled, even after I wash my mascara off,” they raved. “I have tried every lash tool, gadget, mascara and serum out there and nothing has made my lashes look like this eye cream.”

From a reduction in dark circles and puffiness to filled-in lashes, it seems the Clarins Total Eye Lift Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream can seemingly do no wrong. Check it out for yourself while it’s on sale for $46 at Ulta.

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