49ers' Fred Warner's Wife Sydney Cleared to Fly to Super Bowl at 35 Weeks Pregnant: 'We're All Good' (Exclusive)

The NFL player and 'The Bachelor' alum, 28, first announced their exciting baby news in October

<p>Sydney Warner Instagram</p> Fred Warner and Sydney Warner.

Sydney Warner Instagram

Fred Warner and Sydney Warner.

Fred Warner has a very exciting month ahead.

Not only is he set to appear in Super Bowl LVIII as his team, the San Francisco 49ers, face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas on Sunday, but he's also doing it just weeks before becoming a dad for the first time.

The linebacker's wife, Sydney Warner (née Highwater), will be 35 weeks pregnant at Sunday's game. Speaking with PEOPLE, Sydney opens up about the exciting time for the budding Warner family.

The mom-to-be, 28, admits she was "initially scared" but has enjoyed an "incredible" pregnancy so far.

"I've been really, really blessed with an amazing pregnancy. I have a whole different outlook on it from the start," she shares. "My first and second trimesters were a breeze. I was literally in pregnancy bliss. This last trimester is a little tougher, but I'm getting through. I'm pleasantly surprised with my experience."

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Sydney has been keeping up with the team throughout the season, noting that the recent games have been "chaotic."

"I just take things a little slower," she says. "I don't jump as high; try not to scream as loud. I don't want to do anything too crazy. I've learned to pace myself. And I love seeing all the fans who are excited to talk to me about baby Warner. It's really sweet."

Sydney is excited to head to Vegas, telling PEOPLE she's been cleared to fly from there on the hour-long flight from the Bay Area.

The mom-to-be first broached the subject with her doctors when the team first appeared to be playoff-bound.

"I was like, 'I'm not gonna speak anything into existence, but let's say we got there,' " she shares. "I'm very superstitious. I asked, 'Would you clear me to fly?' And she said yes."

"Everything's going good so far, so as long as nothing changes in a week, we're all good."

At her doctor's advice, Sydney will be "making sure I take it as easy as I can with my husband playing in the Super Bowl."

"I was told to stay really, really hydrated and try not to walk too much on the day of. So I'm just going to make sure I get some vitamin C packs and try not to jump around too much."

Sydney's also looking forward to enjoying some of the great snack offerings the game has to offer.

"My whole pregnancy, I've been craving nachos and chips. So if there's a nacho in the vicinity, I'm having it," she laughs. "I like some Diet Coke or Pepsi, with a chip. It's definitely what this pregnant woman will be enjoying."

Enjoying the final weeks of pregnancy and getting ready for a baby and the Super Bowl has had its challenges, but for the Warners, "It's been like a fairy tale."

"It's like a movie. You can't write this stuff. And we'll be able to have these memories forever, will be able to tell our son and show him pictures like of his mother pregnant with him and his dad, so excited to meet him, literally at the Super Bowl."

"And then, just four weeks after, we'll be welcoming him into the world. It's definitely incredible. I could not have imagined that we would be here right now, but we are so blessed and we're so thankful. I think all the stars are aligning and we are just really excited."

After the big game, the couple will be diving into getting their house ready for their son's arrival.

"My house right now is like a construction site. There are boxes and furniture everywhere. It's an actual disaster," she laughs, noting there are also "camera crews in here every day for press for Fred."

"Things are really crazy. I've got diapers, shoes, and things everywhere. The nursery is not even close to being finished. So things are chaotic around here, but I've got six weeks left. I'm telling myself this week is completely dedicated to everything we have to do for the Super Bowl. And then, after we get home from that Super Bowl, it's crunch time. It is baby time. We have to completely shift our gears to becoming parents."

Though they aren't sharing it just yet, the new parents have picked out a name for their little one. "We actually decided our name during my first trimester. We just knew that this was the name, and yeah, we've had it picked out for a while now."

Sydney is looking forward to enjoying the final moments of pregnancy and welcoming her little boy with her husband by her side.

"I'm looking forward to that special one-on-one time between me and Fred to share those last four precious weeks of waiting for when he wants to appear on earth. So we're just really taking that time and cherishing it because it's never going to happen again. We're never going to be first-time parents again. It's exciting and it's a sweet time. We're really excited to take advantage of these of the quieter moments, once all this craziness is done and over with."

Sydney's even looking forward to next season, when she'll be cheering her husband on with their baby boy in tow.

"There are so many kids, so many mamas and babies, that are in the NFL and I've never gotten to be part of that group. And now that I am, it's such an incredible place to be. Of course, these memories by yourself are amazing, but to have them as a pregnant mom or with kids is so special. I'm so excited to be a part of the NFL mama crew."

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