“90 Day”'s Miss Debbie and Colt's Mom Go Head to Head in Reality TV Rivalry: 'This Is Going to End Badly'

Miss Debbie left the episode with an official boyfriend — but not before a line of questioning and a flash of Debbie-themed undies

<p>TLC</p> Miss Debbie Aguero and Debbie Johnson.


Miss Debbie Aguero and Debbie Johnson.

90 Day: The Single Life just offered fans a peek into a new drama — something that might be worth coining the battle of the Debbies.

As Miss Debbie Aguero wrapped up her latest 90 Day stint, she was met with tension and prolonged questioning by another Debbie — Debbie Johnson, or Colt Johnson’s mom.

While Johnson, 72, wasn’t involved in this season of The Single Life, she’s an alum of the series herself. So, she showed up with opinions and a personal decision to investigate the televised relationships.

It all started with Johnson’s opinion on Aguero’s dating app fib — which cut 10 years off of her age. The 90 Day mom encouraged Aguero to be honest and own being 68 years old. But Aguero felt things went too far when Johnson questioned if it’s really Aguero’s age that’s a turnoff to daters, or if it’s her whole profile.

She asked Aguero if she’d considered using an app designed for seniors when Aguero responded, “I think Mama Debbie's on the attack to Miss Debbie.”

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<p>TLC</p> Reuben visited the 90 Day: The Single Life tell all to make his relationship with Miss Debbie official.


Reuben visited the 90 Day: The Single Life tell all to make his relationship with Miss Debbie official.

Things started going even further sideways when Aguero’s current love interest, Reuben, visited the stage. Before Aguero could get a word in, Johnson started directing questions toward the Miami native.

“Are you guys exclusive?” Johnson began. “Are you seeing other women?”

As Reuben tried to answer — explaining he hasn’t had time to date while his mother has been hospitalized — Johnson carried on.

"But do you see other women? Have you been in many relationships? Have you been married? Do you have kids? When’s the last time you were in a relationship?” she continued.

Aguero wasn’t having it, and seemed to wonder why Johnson had so many concerns for a stranger’s love life.

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<p>TLC</p> Miss Debbie and Reuben on 90 Day: The Single Life.


Miss Debbie and Reuben on 90 Day: The Single Life.

“Who's the policeman here?" Aguero asked, pointing to her son, a cop named Julian. “Is Mama Debbie the policeman? I just don’t get it.”

Johnson had no comeback and offered a simple shrug.

The last fans saw Johnson, she had moved from America to Canada with her new love, Tony. Johnson’s relationship with son Colt — who starred on the franchise in seasons past — had been temporarily severed due to ongoing disagreements. The pair are now on speaking terms, though their mother-son relationship remains long distance.

Aguero’s own son, Julian, appeared on the series to support his mom through her dating journey. The cop was hesitant about his mother’s relationship with Reuben, so he joined her on her trip to Miami and met the man.

Julian was still hesitant on Sunday night’s episode, particularly when Reuben started showing off his unique style. Aside from his psychedelic outfit — complete with a groovy hat and orange-tinted glasses, he had socks featuring Aguero’s face.

“Come on now, mom, He's got your face on his socks,” Julian said, to which Aguero replied, “Oh Reuben, those are adorable.”

Things only got weirder when Reuben dropped his pants on air to show off his Miss Debbie-themed boxer briefs. The undies were covered in selfies of Aguero, which made the whole cast giggle.

“Mom, can you go get a protection order right now? This is going to end badly,” Julian said.

For Aguero, it was all green flags. “You just scored some points, honey,” she laughed.

Aguero and Reuben decided to make their relationship official as their segment wrapped, meaning she’s “got myself a real boyfriend” moving forward.

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