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A Thin Mints seasoning blend exists, and you're either going to love it or hate it (but you'll probably love it)

Prepare to make everything taste like the world's favorite Girl Scout cookie.

Honestly, there's nothing like taking a bite out of a Thin Mint. Even if your favorite Girl Scout cookie is, say, a Samoa or Tagalong, it's hard to resist the crispy, refreshing and chocolate-y bite of a Thin Mint. I prefer to eat them by the sleeve. Anyways, the most popular Girl Scout cookie is available in ... seasoning form? Yup! To say that I'm excited may be the understatement of the year.

Quick overview

The seasoning blend is described as "the perfect mix" of dark cocoa, mint flavor and fine cookie crumbles. I mean, I'm sold. 

$6 at Amazon

Apparently, the Thin Mints seasoning was quietly dropped about a year ago by B&G Foods. As both a seasoning and Girl Scout cookie enthusiast, this came as an utter shock (and delight) to me. It's available at a variety of retailers, but you can easily grab it at Amazon. Yes, this seasoning is easier to get your hands on than an actual box of Thin Mints, and you can get it 365 days a year (366 on leap year).

Before you ask, no, the seasoning isn't made up of Thin Mint grounds. Still, it's made to taste exactly like the comforting flavor of the best cookie ever made. This is why I immediately bought two of the seasoning blends. I'm already maniacally checking the shipping information in anticipation of their arrival.

Is it too much to ask if this also comes in bath bomb form? (Amazon)
Is it too much to ask if this also comes in bath bomb form? (Amazon)

Clearly, I'm excited about the idea of turning everything into a Thin Mint. So while I wait, I put together a fun little list of ways to use the Thin Mints seasoning:

  • Sprinkled on ice cream (literally any flavor).

  • Blended into boring green smoothies for a little minty freshness.

  • On top of a cake that is already layered with actual Thin Mints cookies.

  • Add it into your iced coffee, for obvious reasons.

  • Dusted on top of hot chocolate, duh.

  • Spread out on top of popcorn as a fun shake-up.

  • Mixed into waffles, pancakes, French toast and all of the sweet breakfast foods.

  • Cookies, both in the batter and dusted on top after they're baked.

  • Mixed into a warm, cozy bowl of oatmeal.

  • Hear me out on this one, but sprinkled on top of vanilla icing which is spread on sourdough toast.

Want to know something wild though? Amazon has even more sweet seasonings inspired by the universe's favorite treats. I don't know where these have been my whole life, but they're here now and that's all that matters.

One of the best parts about eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch is drinking the glorious milk and Cinnadust combo. Now that magic exists in a handy shaker. It'll obviously taste great in cookies, coffee and oatmeal, but I can't wait to try it on a bagel and cream cheese. 

$13 at Amazon

The iconic crunchy cookie, soft caramel and milk chocolate flavors of a Twix has morphed into this sweet, chocolate and caramel seasoning blend. I bet it would taste excellent on popcorn. Also, do you think you can taste the difference between the Right Twix and Left Twix in the seasoning? 

$11 at Amazon

If the chocolate, crunchy graham cracker and marshmallow of Girl Scout S'Mores cookies are more your thing, then I implore you to check out this S'Mores seasoning blend. Oooh, this would taste so good mixed into pancake mix or on top of ice cream. 

$5 at Walmart
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$5 at Amazon

Even though this isn't technically an Oreo-specific seasoning, it's basically the same thing. Now you have a pre-crushed cookies and cream garnish for all of your sweet needs. 

$12 at Amazon