Abbie Chatfield's boyfriend reveals cancer diagnosis in tell-all relationship podcast

The once-secretive couple opened up about the highs and lows of their new relationship.

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde on her podcast.
Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde discussed the highs and lows of their new relationship on her podcast It’s A Lot. Photos: Supplied

Following weeks of speculation (and a very X-rated ‘soft launch’ photo), Abbie Chatfield has finally confirmed the identity of her new boyfriend. The media personality announced on her podcast It’s A Lot on Tuesday morning that she’s dating musician Adam Hyde, who makes up one-half of the dance music duo Peking Duk.

The pair opened up publicly about their romance for the very first time on her podcast, revealing that they first met in 2022 when Abbie interviewed Adam for her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield. Despite their initial attraction, it took the now-couple a few months before they went on what Abbie described as “the best date of my life”.


“We’re so in love and we love talking about it,” Abbie told listeners. “Not only are we so in love, but we also have a really healthy relationship which I think is very rare.”

“Abbie, I think you’re so kind and caring and intelligent and incredibly beautiful in a million different ways,” Adam remarked.

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde kissing.
‘We’re so in love and we love talking about it.’ Photos: Supplied

While the couple gushed about their romance throughout the two-part episode, which was recorded while they were in LA last week, they also revealed that Adam had recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. The musician said that he had received a call from Australian Skin Cancer Clinics in Edgecliff saying he had to have surgery to remove it.

“[The doctor] said I have a double cancer in my neck, he used those exact words,” he recalled. “I’m going to get the full surgical treatment done, we’ll be sweet.”

“We think it'll be okay and it's not melanoma,” Abbie added, urging her listeners to get their skin checked.

Despite the health scare and other external pressures over the past few months, Adam said they have been having “a really f**king good time” in their relationship.

“When we’re together and our phones are away, or when Australia’s asleep, we’ve been having fun,” Abbie shared.

Abbie first announced on her podcast It’s A Lot in March that she had begun dating someone she had known “for a couple of years” and was crying every day because of how happy she was.

“He’s so emotionally intelligent, I feel so safe. He’s so supportive,” she said. “He’s so sexy. He’s so funny. He’s like an electric person to be around.”

While she chose not to name her boyfriend at the time, she posted a gallery of photos looking cosy with Adam at the Australian Grand Prix alongside the caption: “Fun Grand Prix w FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Zoom zoom zoom etc.”


She officially “launched” her new relationship on social media last month with a raunchy selfie smiling next to her boyfriend’s crotch.

“Semi soft launch,” she captioned the snap, referencing both her relationship status and the size of her partner’s manhood.

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