Need Adam Scott to walk your dog? Natasha Lyonne to solve a crossword? 7 of the best SAG-AFTRA auction items

Hollywood stars are auctioning off collectible items or one-on-one experiences in an attempt to raise money to help those struggling during the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

The listings are being posted by actors, writers and directors on a new eBay page set up by the Union Solidarity Coalition, with many of them being highlighted on social media for their sheer randomness.

All proceeds made from donations will go towards the financial assistance of crew members whose healthcare benefits are currently at risk as they strike to push for fairer contracts.

From memorabilia signed by Parker Posey to a pottery class with Busy Phillipps, the listing page is filled with a number of unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Below, we run some of the most intriguing celebrity offerings.

Assistance in the New York Times’s Sunday Crossword from Natasha Lyonne

Those who enjoy playing the fiendishly difficult Sunday Crossword in The New York Times could have help from Pokerface star Lyonne. At the time of writing, 20 bids have been made, with the highest coming in at $2,132. Helping the cause was Leftovers and Gone Girl actor Carrie Coon, who tweeted: “I’d like to go on the record to say that Natasha Lyonne is very, very good at crossword puzzles.”

A watercolour portrait of your dog by John Lithgow

Those looking for a permanent tribute to their beloved canine companion can bid for a pet portrait by none other than Third Rock from the Sun and Dexter actor John Lithgow. In watercolour, no less. Lithgow himself hyped up the opportunity on X/Twitter, writing: “Bid for one of my one-of-a-kind DOG PORTRAITS in support of our partner union friends in strike-time. At the time of writing, the highest bid of 28 was $3,550.

John Lithgow (eBay)
John Lithgow (eBay)

Lunch with Ann Dowd

Ever watched dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale and thought, “I would love to have a meal with Aunt Lydia?” Well, you now can – if you exceed the highest bid of $1,025. The Independent has interviewed Dowd on several occasions and we can confirm that she is wonderful company – and very forthcoming with a behind-the-scenes secret or two. Bid away!

A fedora owned and signed by Tom Waits

Possibly the only thing more legendary than Tom Waits is buying a signed fedora worn by Tom Waits. Can you imagine sitting on your sofa, tumbler of whiskey in hand, crooning away to “The Piano Has Been Drinking”, while wearing a hat previously owned by the man himself? We certainly can.

Brit Marling’s jumper from The OA

The current most popular item on the eBay page comes courtesy of Brit Marling. To be honest, it was a savvy move aucitoning off an item from The OA, a show considered to be one of the most egregiously cancelled shows in Netflix history. Marling is also offering a personal letter, which simply sweetens the deal.

Apron from The Bear signed by the cast

It should be noted that this apron, as worn by Carmy in The Bear, probably comes with Jeremy Allen White’s blood, sweat and tears. If you find yourself to be the highest bidder, and therfore the lucky recipient of the prop, it will be best worn while exasperatedly running around a kitchen screaming “COUSIN”. The signature will also come with signatures from Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri and more

Adam Scott walks your dog


Sadly bidders have to be based in LA for this one, but Severance actor Adam Scott is willing to walk your dog for an entire hour. This listing is gaining a lot of traction on Twitter, with many non-dog owning bidders suggesting they may show up dressed as a dog. It remains unknown whether Scott would oblige to walk you, but bid away to find out.