Adele hits back at 'betrayed' fans after incredible transformation

Adele has hit out at fans who claimed they felt betrayed after the star's massive weight loss in a new interview.

The singer made headlines in 2020, showing off her whopping 45kg loss, with her former trainer Pete Geracimo previously insisting she never wanted to get "super skinny".

"When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny," he said. "It was about getting her healthy. Especially post-pregnancy and post-surgery. When 25 dropped and the tour was announced, we had to get ready for a 13-month gruelling schedule. In that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices.

Adele poses in a gown.
Adele lost an incredible 45 kilograms. Source: Instagram

“As a result, she lost considerable weight and people took notice. Her body transformation was splashed across every media outlet. The attention it generated was mind-blowing."

Despite her amazing weight loss, Adele copped backlash from fans who said they felt betrayed and claimed she had given in to the pressure of fame.

In a new interview on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, Adele spoke candidly about her weight loss and hit back at fans who criticised her.


"I understand why the press were fascinated by it . . . I didn’t share my journey in the way that everyone else does. Most other people would have a DVD out by now," she said.

"I did it on the quiet, for myself. But I did feel terrible for some people who felt like other people’s comments meant that they didn’t look good and they weren’t beautiful.

"For some people it was (seen negatively) and I felt terrible — some of the ones I saw were young. Like 15.

"There were some other people who felt very betrayed, being like, ‘Oh, she’s given in to the pressure of it,’ which didn’t really bother me because, like, you ain’t holding my hand at night, at 4am, when I’m crying my heart out with anxiety and needing a distraction."

Adele poses for a photo in a garden.
Adele began her health journey after her 2019 divorce. Source: Instagram

The Easy On Me singer began her weight loss journey after her split from husband Simon Konecki, and she says it helped her cope.

"100 per cent it gave me focus, it gave me somewhere to get rid of my energy — good or bad — and it made me feel like I was getting stronger mentally by getting stronger physically," she said.

The British songstress has since moved on with sports agent Rich Paul, with the pair confirming they would be moving in together in May.

Fans began speculating the pair were in a relationship after they were seen at the NBA Finals last July, and it is believed they are now moving in together after dating for a year.

Adele has also been previously linked to rapper Skepta following her 2019 divorce.

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