Adele rocks the sleekest XXL low ponytail with a 00s side part

Adele's Las Vegas residency is the gift that keeps on giving. Not just because of the viral moments of cute fan interactions, proposals, and special audience members' reunions with the star, but because of the damn glam. Week after week her glam squad delights us with flawless looks that are oh-so Adele, and that somehow last alllllll night under the hot lights. This week, hair stylist Sami Knight swapped the Hollywood bombshell curls for an icon-worthy ponytail.

Creating a super sleek low ponytail, parted softly to the side, Sami posted the look to Instagram with the caption: "Mega pony for @adele this week in Vegas ✨✨✨"

What the slicked style forgoes in volume, it makes up for with that long, thick, juicy XXL ponytail. The way I would have been swinging that around, it would have taken a drummer's eye out.


Anthony Nguyen was on hand for the beat as usual and had commenters begging for the lip combo used.

"Please tell me what did you use on the lips? 🔥♥️"


"I need this lip color combo 😍"

"Just such perfection tag the lipstick please"

Anthony hasn't responded to any of the pleas, and with them not showing the product in the application photo, we can't help but wonder if it's a sneak peek at Adele's makeup line "The Sherbourne Collective" sooner than we expected.

The singer filed a trademark back in November (so it's very early days) for a variety of products, including eyeliner, lipsticks, eyeshadows and even perfume.

Maybe we're just getting over-excited but our suspicions are well and truly raised...

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