Adjoa Andoh's sex scenes have always been 'collaborative'

Adjoa Andoh's sex scenes have always been "very pragmatic".
The 60-year-old actress - who plays Lady Danbury in 'Bridgerton' - insists that shooting nude and sex scenes during her career has always been a "collaborative" process.
She told The Independent: "It’s always been very pragmatic, there’s been nothing salacious in it … but I know that’s not everybody’s experience."
Adjoa feels it's important to strike a balance between "intimacy" and ensuring that the performers feel safe.
'Bridgerton' was actually one of the first TV shows to consistently use intimacy coordinators, and Adjoa admits that her attitude towards sex scenes has evolved over time.
She shared: "I know when I first encountered it, I was a bit like, ‘We just get on with it’ and then I was like, ‘No, come on, think how you can use this’... I think people might say, ‘Well it takes away the spontaneity,’ but we’re all acting in a space. There’s usually a load of crew, there are cameras, there are lights; it’s not spontaneous anyway!"
Meanwhile, Adjoa has slammed the TV industry's "ancient" attitude towards ageing.
The veteran actress also suggested that women are treated different to their male counterparts.
Adjoa said: "It’s taken a huge heave-ho from women, predominantly, to just go, ‘Actually, I’m not pushing out babies, but I may still have another 40 or 50 years of life left to go. I’m vibrant, interesting, sexual, have appetite, have experience, all that good stuff. Why would my stories not be interesting?’"
Adjoa suggested that older performers can bring a unique perspective to a film or TV set.
She explained: "Actually, there’s a complexity as you get older to how your life is that’s just not there when you’re younger.
"You have things that tweak you and things that haunt you and things that catch up with you and things you want to avoid and things you want to embrace in a way that you can’t have if you’ve only been on the earth for 30 years."