Aisle be back! Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes unlikely face of Lidl’s DIY brand

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the unlikely face of Lidl’s DIY brand.
The ‘Terminator’ actor, 76, who was a former bricklayer, appears in an advert as the spokesman for the discount brand’s Parkside range, which includes a £24.99 angle grinder and a plasma cutter for nearly £150.
He says in the promo, titled ‘Parkside – You got this!’, which references his ‘Terminator’ and bodybuilding past: “I’m here to talk about the tools of success.
“Everything I’ve ever built was because I had the power in the palm of my hands.”
The clip then shows him chucking a power drill at a weedy man in a garage workshop who is dressed in a white vest.
Arnie continues as he speaks to kids in a playground: “I was not afraid to fail – to think outside the box. I built a new box!”
In a nod to his role as a killer cyborg in James Cameron’s 1984 ‘Terminator’ Arnie is also seen in sunglasses that flash up a robot-style list of coordinates as he declares: “A plan is only as great as the tools you use to execute it.
He goes on to use an angle grinder and creates a wooden sculpture of himself in a garden in the shape of him posing for a bodybuilding contest, and tells
a fellow gardener using a leaf blower: “Success means having the power to do it yourself – the muscles scare the birds.
“You got this!”
The ad ends with him training the skinny man he threw a drill to by spotting him on a weights bench, before he tells him: “Now let’s build another bench – come on!”
The Parkside collection being fronted by the Hollywood veteran has more than 100 products included tools, gardening equipment and accessories.
Lidl said: “DIY is for everyone – that’s what Parkside is all about. The brand is especially aimed at all those who like to repair, build and garden.”
Arnold added in a statement: “‘You got this’ – that’s exactly my attitude. You have to believe in yourself, that’s why I’m a Parksider.”
Lidl has previously partnered with Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora and Heidi Klum, and it said it chose Arnold as its latest brand ambassador as he was a fit for the Parkside “‘roll your sleeves up’ mentality”.