Aldi shopper makes shocking discovery on label of popular item

An ALDI shopper has revealed an incredible discovery on the ingredients list for this popular product.

An ALDI shopper took to Facebook to rave about her discovery on the ingredients list on a jar of Honey Mustard Chicken Tonight Cooking Sauce.

Sharing her find on the popular Aldi Mums Facebook group, the shopper shared an image comparing the ingredients list of the Honey Mustard Chicken Tonight sauce alongside the ALDI version.

Looking at the label, the shopper discovered the Colway Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce had a near identical ingredient list to the Chicken Tonight recipe.

A composite image of the ALDI logo and the image posted on Facebook showing the ingredients listings on both the ALDI sauce and the Chicken Tonight sauce.
An ALDI shopper has shared her incredible ingredient discovery on a jar of chicken cooking sauce. Source: Facebook / Aldi Mums

“To think there are still people out there who refuse to shop at Aldi because they think their products aren’t as good,” she wrote Facebook page.

“Comparing the ingredients – which are as similar as you can get – I know which one I’ll be reaching for.”

Unsurprisingly, the ALDI version of the honey mustard sauce was significantly cheaper, at around $2 a jar, compared to the Chicken Tonight version, which goes for around $3 a jar in Coles and Woolworths.

An ALDI spokesperson told 7 News the Colway variety is made on local shores – but wouldn’t elaborate on whether it was made at the same factory as Chicken Tonight.

“Our Colway Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce guarantees a delicious dinner that we’re thrilled to see customers raving about,” an ALDI spokesperson told 7 News.

“At under 50 cents a serve it not only delivers brilliant value to Aussie families, but is also manufactured here in Australia.”

But some commenters on the Facebook post said despite the near-identical ingredients, they could still taste the difference.

“It’s funny you say this. I love ALDI and don’t snub anything but this is one of the very few things I find isn’t as good as the full branded one!” one commenter said.

“I’ve had both, and can definitely taste the difference. I much prefer the Chicken Tonight one,” another said.

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