Aldi shopper's ‘gross’ find in packet of rice: 'What the hell?'

The shopper has urged other Aldi customers to check their bags of rice following the unusual find.

A woman has urged others to inspect their rice bought from Aldi after claiming to have found a "gross" blue substance inside her bag of white rice.

After pouring some of the rice out on Monday, Jade noticed something "blue" in the opened bag. "I thought at first actually that it was like a measuring cup," she said online. "No, it's the rice dyed, I think from the bag, and it's all hard and gross."

Jade told Yahoo News Australia she had bought the packet of Imperial Grain from her local Aldi supermarket in Charlestown, near Newcastle, NSW.

Image of Aldi's Imperial Grain white rice with blue substance inside.
A woman found a ‘gross’ blue substance in her packet of Aldi rice. Source: Getty/TikTok

Yahoo has since reached out to Aldi to determine what this could have been caused by, and if there have been other reports of a similar substance found in rice packets. Aldi has declined to provide comment on the matter.

So, while Jade believes it's dye from the packaging, at this stage there is no confirmation on what the blue contamination could be.

Aldi does encourage customers to contact it directly via the help centre for concerns such as this so an investigation into the circumstances can be carried out.

Second alleged find in Aldi rice within a week

Just seven days ago another packet of Imperial Grain rice from Aldi was called out online after an Australian man discovered what he described as a "dead mouse" inside.

Richard Ellis purchased the packet of Imperial Grain rice from his local Aldi store in Keilor Downs, Victoria but what he found inside left him feeling sick to his stomach. "I feel like I'm going to throw up just talking about it," he told Yahoo at the time.

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