Alexander Ludwig and his wife Lauren welcome 'miracle' baby

Alexander Ludwig and his wife Lauren have welcomed their miracle baby after suffering three heartbreaking miscarriages.
The couple welcomed their daughter Leni on 27 April with the tot arriving four weeks early and forcing 'The Hunger Games' star to dash back from another state where he was filming so he could be there for the birth - and the new parents later shared the good news on Instagram.
Lauren wrote: "Leni James Ludwig decided to come on her own schedule 4 weeks early. Leni James Ludwig decided to come on her own schedule 4 weeks early. Born 4/27/23 at 7:24am.
"@alexanderludwig was in another state filming and made it back just in time. A labour story for the books."
They were congratulated by famous friends including Ashley Greene, who commented: Ohhhh I can't wait to hear when/if you share ... congratulations you two!! And then you were three."
Vanessa Hudgens wrote: "Dream team" and AnnaSophia Robb added: "Congratulations you three!!!!"
The couple kept their pregnancy news quiet until February when they revealed they were expecting a baby in May after going through the agony of three miscarriages.
Lauren announced her baby news on Instagram, writing: "As a lot of you know it’s been a long road for @alexanderludwig and myself. We suffered 3 losses before this one but each one of those losses taught us about ourselves and each other. To everyone out there who has suffered miscarriages before, there is light on the other side of your journey. You are not alone."
She previously opened up about her heartbreak back in May 2022 after the couple's third miscarriage, writing: "I have gone back and forth on whether or not to post anything about this but decided we all need to start talking about the truth more.
"Last week @alexanderludwig and I had our 3rd miscarriage. I decided I wanted to share because I don’t think it’s a shameful thing to talk about. I want to help others realise how common miscarriages are and how they aren’t something to be embarrassed about.
"Going through this has made me realise, I definitely am not alone. It’s so common and yet, I feel its not talked about nearly enough. If more of us talked about these things, maybe we would feel less alone and at fault. Information is power and I want to start sharing more of it.
"This will forever be a part of our story. My hope by sharing this, if for no other reason, is for that one person reading this to know they are not alone."