Alexander Skarsgard got fired for having a food fight

Alexander Skarsgard got sacked from a job for having a food fight.
The 'Infinity Pool' star worked in a bakery in Stockholm when he was 16 but his employment came to an end after he and his bored pal began flicking the chocolate they were supposed to be using on biscuits over one another instead.
He admitted to The Guardian newspaper: “We were dipping little biscuits in chocolate for six hours a day in a basement and that was the only thing we got to do.
“When you get chocolate on your fingers, it’s tempting to put little stains on your buddy’s white robes. That turned into a bit of a food fight."
The 46-year-old actor also recalled being convinced he'd get fired from his first "big" acting job, on 2008's 'Generation Kill', an HBO miniseries about the Iraq War, so much so that he used to spend days on set carefully doing sums on a pen and paper.
He explained: “It was my first big job.
"I was so convinced they were going to fire me that I started calculating the cost of recasting the role once they realised I wasn’t good enough. A month or two in, I was still convinced that every time the phone rang, it was my agent saying, ‘Pack your bags, you’re not cutting it.’
"It was only when we’d done some big battle scenes that I knew it would be too expensive to replace me."
Alexander began acting when he was a child but gave up his career for eight years because he was "very uncomfortable" with being recognised.
He said: “When people recognised me, or I thought they did, it made me very uncomfortable. I also believed everything I heard about who I was.
"Most people at 13 have no idea who they are. I was going from a boy to a man, which is a crazy transformation anyway, but to do it while being in the spotlight was not healthy. That’s why I didn’t work for eight years.”