Alfonso Ribeiro's daughter undergoes surgery after scooter accident

Alfonso Ribeiro's young daughter underwent surgery the day before her fourth birthday after a scooter accident.
The 51-year-old star has thanked the medical staff who attended to his and wife Angela's little girl Ava on Friday (12.05.23) night, sharing a picture of the youngster, whose face and arm were covered with scratches and bruises.
He wrote on Instagram: “Not the kind of day you want the day before turning 4. Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to @kareskinmd for the emergency service and procedure to help lessen the likelihood of scaring. So proud of how brave my baby girl was during the surgery.(sic)"
The 'Dancing With the Stars' presenter's wife shared the same photo and revealed she had had a "vision" that the youngster was going to be involved in an accident, but despite her warnings to take extra care, Ava still came crashing down on her scooter.
She wrote: “My poor baby. I woke up and had a vision/motherly intuition of Ava ending up in the ER today. I announced to the fam, kids, sitter + friends helping out getting ready for Ava’s birthday party that ‘we are not doing anything crazy or dangerous today that could potentially end up with an ER visit.’
“I literally made everyone lock eyes to me when I said these words. Sadly, my words were soon forgotten and long story short, this poor girl crashed off a sit-down scooter…the day before her bday.
“A big thank you to Dr. Raffy at @kareskinmd for seeing us after hours and performing a procedure to hopefully eventually have little scaring on her face and arms. Not a fun way to spend your last day as a 3-year old, but she was a trooper. Giving this sweet girl some extra cuddles tonight.(sic)"