Alison Brie and Dave Franco's marriage is 'all about communication'

Alison Brie and Dave Franco "make an effort to connect every day".
The 39-year-old actress and Dave, 37, have been married for five years, and Alison believes that good communication has been one of the keys to their romance.
Asked about the secrets to a happy marriage, she replied: "Communication. It's all about good communication."
Alison and Dave are determined to work as a partnership, and even when they can't be together, they always make the effort to stay in contact.
The actress told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think that's why we try to work together so much, honestly, just so we can spend more time together. So we don't have to be apart so much.
"But even when we're apart, we really make an effort to connect every day, and that's important."
Alison is starring in the new romantic drama movie 'Somebody I Used to Know', which is being directed by her husband.
And the Hollywood star has relished the experience of working with Dave.
She said: "To me the best part is getting to experience all these other people on set realising how incredible he is. I already know, [but] it's really fun to watch all the new eyes kind of take him in. And as a director, he is extraordinary."
Alison previously admitted to feeling closer than ever to Dave after the COVID-19 lockdown.
The movie star thinks the experience has been beneficial for their relationship.
Speaking about their lockdown experience, she shared: "It all really ebbed and flowed, I guess, because none of us knew how long it was going to last.
"Dave and I went through the first couple months in party mode, thinking we’re on vacation - let’s drink wine, let’s make a lot of pasta. And then we like, it’s going on for longer, so let’s go into culinary experimental mode where we’re trying to make new dishes and things like that.
"And then we got into health mode, and then we also were in creative mode, and we were doing a lot of writing together … So, I mean, I think we feel closer than ever."