Amarillo legend Tony Christie knew he would marry his wife when he first spotted her in the crowd

Tony Christie first laid eyes on his future wife when she was in the front row at his concert.
The 81-year-old singer tied the knot with Sue Christie in 1968 having seen her whilst on stage some time earlier and knew instantly that she was the girl for him even though he struggled to get her to talk to him afterwards.
He told Yours magazine: "I walked on stage and, midway through 'Stranger in Paradise', I saw this pretty brunette in the front row. I turned to my bass player: ‘Mike,’ I said, ‘I’ve just seen the girl I’m going to marry.’ He fell about, but I wasn’t joking.
"Afterwards, the band came backstage and brought Sue with them. I tried to get a date but she wasn’t having any of it. She later told me she thought I was big-headed. But we were married within the year. I was 23, she was 18."
The 'Is This The Way to Amarillo?' hitmaker - who went on to have three children with Sue - was diagnosed with dementia last year but is determined that the condition will not stop him from performing as he continues to tour the world, especially now that he can have his wife by his side all the way now that their kids are grown up.
He said: "I have an autocue with all the songs’ lyrics. And I always have Sue with me. She’s my rock. I hated it when I was touring and the children were babies and she had to stay at home."
"My doctor told me that music is one of the best therapies for anyone with dementia. I’m lucky: God gave me a voice and I’m happy to keep using it."