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Find out why Amazon shoppers are obsessed with these cult-favorite products — all under $15

LifeStraw, Dash griddle, mascara
Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by these. (Photo: Amazon)

Some of our favorite things start off as a recommendation from a friend. Whether they swear by a skincare gem, a cleaning must-have or just something to make dinner prep a little less exhausting, we rely on those in the know to give us the scoop on what really works. Now, imagine you had access to the opinions of tens of thousands of friends from all different walks of life — if that many people rally behind something, there's no way it's a dud. We've read through scores of Amazon reviews to bring you 10 well-loved must-haves. All under $30, they're a perfect way to solve life's little problems — or fix issues you didn't even know you had.

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Here are 10 Amazon shopper faves:


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Amazon's No. 1 bestselling mascara promises to define, separate and lift your lashes — and over 222,000 5-star reviewers attest it does precisely that.
$5 at Amazon

"Love this mascara!" shared a shopper. "Makes my lashes look amazingly long and thick, I get compliments a lot when I wear it."


O'Keeffe's Foot Cream

Shoppers with dry, cracked feet swear by this "miracle" cream — they love it so much, it has amassed well over 56,000 5-star reviews.
$9 at Amazon

"Are you tired of having dry, cracked feet that feel like you've been walking on hot coals?" shared a shopper. "Look no further than O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet Foot Cream! This little jar of magic will transform your feet from rough and dry to soft and supple in no time."


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

$15$20Save $5
Turn water from streams and lakes into fresh, healthy drinking water. This little straw removes 99.999999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.999 percent of waterborne parasites.
$15 at Amazon

"I am going to keep this one simple," one adventurer shared. "Recently I got stranded in the backwoods of the Adirondack mountains. I had run out of water earlier on the first day and used this until I was rescued on the morning of day three. THIS WORKS. This helped save my life. If you hike, YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT."


TubShroom Tub Drain Protector

This gizmo catches hair before it makes its way down your drain. Bonus: You don't actually see any of the hair until you have to clean it.
$13 at Amazon

"This thing is seriously a universe send for me," shared one thrilled shopper. "I live in an apt where I frequently have to call maintenance because of how much I shed and my hair clogs the drain often...I removed the original drain stopper with an allen wrench, put this TubShroom in, and pull this thing out once every three showers and clean it off, which is a fairly simple task as well. No more sticking clumps of my hair to the shower wall. This thing catches it all!"


Bedsure Satin Pillowcases

These satin pillowcases have amassed over 197,000 5-star reviews, and are Amazon's best-selling pillowcase. It's no wonder why: Their slippery feel helps with taming frizz and preventing wrinkles.
$10 at Amazon

"Tell everyone you know about these satin pillowcases," shared a shopper. "They are wonderful! No wrinkle marks on my face in the morning, my hair isn't a ratty mess, and they keep me cool while I sleep. I also bought them for my granddaughter and her acne has improved."

Lock Laces

Lock Laces

Never bend down to tie your shoes again. These elastic "laces" convert any shoe you own into a slip-on. Just replace your old laces with these, lock them in place, cut the leftover string and clasp them in place. Done!
$10 at Amazon

"Really like 'slip on' shoes but that does limit the styles/kinds you can buy," shared a shopper. "These make ANY shoe a slip on. Easy to put on any type of shoe, will buy more!"


Kitchellence 4-in-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

$12$30Save $18
This sharpener has diamond, tungsten and ceramic rods to help polish, sharpen and restore your beloved blades.
$12 at Amazon

"I purchased one of these and LOVE it," shared a shopper. "It has made such a difference in the way I cook and cut game changer for keeping your knives sharp."


Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

$12$14Save $2
Whether you're a baker, a meal prepper or on a diet, a food scale is a must in any kitchen. This Amazon No. 1 best-seller can accurately weigh up to 11 pounds in one gram increments.
$12 at Amazon

"I bought this for my baking endeavors!" shared one thrilled shopper. "It’s so little and great for easy storage!"

Zulay Kitchen

Zulay Kitchen Milk Frother

$12$22Save $10
This small-but-mighty mixer easily froths up lattes, cappuccinos, even matcha!
$12 at Amazon

"This little device is one if the most used things in my kitchen," shared one of 74,000 5-star reviewers. "It froths milk better than my fancy Thermador built-in coffee mixes powders into liquids really well. I’ve even used it to get the lumps out of sauces like gravies."


Dash Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle

This mini griddle is excellent at whipping up silver dollar pancakes, cookies, and even quickly frying eggs.
$13 at Amazon

"It's so easy to make things including eggs!!" shared a shopper. "And after you're done it just wipes clean? That is what I really love! You don't have to scrub a pan!"

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