Amazon Prime Video Mocks Netflix Over Its New Password-Sharing Policy

Amazon Prime Video ripped Netflix on Thursday with a now-viral tweet about its new password-sharing policy.

The Amazon service took aim at its fellow streaming giant for a 2017 Twitter post in which Netflix declared that “Love is sharing a password” — a practice that Netflix now discourages.

In a quote tweet of Netflix’s post, Prime Video’s U.K. account on Twitter shared an image with the text “Who’s watching?” displayed above various streaming profiles — a common sight for users of its service.

But the profiles’ names, when read in succession, provided a pointed reply: “Everyone Who Has Our Password ❤️.”

Prime Video’s tweet amassed over 43 million views, 78,000 retweets and 576,000 likes by Saturday morning.

The jab arrived after Netflix, in a blog post Tuesday titled “Update on Sharing,” told U.S. customers that each account on its service “is for use by one household.” Any users currently “sharing Netflix outside their household” were advised to pay for a separate account or buy “an extra member” on an existing account.

The company, which had outlined its intentions to crack down on password-sharing earlier this year, only allows account-holders with relatively more expensive plans — its “Standard” and “Premium” offerings, specifically — to add extra members.

Blockbuster, the video rental brand that had the chance to purchase Netflix in 2000 but ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2010, also mocked the streaming service this week.

“A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us ... [we] didn’t care who you shared it with,” Blockbuster tweeted. “As long as you returned it on time.”