America Ferrera would return to Ugly Betty 'in a heartbeat'

America Ferrera has a "deep desire" to return to 'Ugly Betty'.
The 39-year-old actress starred as Betty Suarez in the ABC comedy-drama series between 2006 and 2010, and America has now revealed that she would reprise the role "in a heartbeat".
Asked about the possibility of reviving the character, America told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think there has been like a deep desire there for a long time because our 'Ugly Betty' family is so close and so we love each other so much.
"I think we'd all come back in a heartbeat."
Despite this, America acknowledged that it "takes a lot of work to get a thing off the ground".
The actress added: "Maybe we'll figure it out."
America has achieved lots of success during her career, but she remains extremely fond of her most-famous character.
The award-winning star explained that Betty remains in her heart.
The actress - who also starred in the 'Barbie' movie earlier this year - said: "Betty is my heart. I would be thrilled [to play her again]."
Meanwhile, Salma Hayek - the show's executive producer - recently took to social media to thank fans for their continued love for the hit TV show.
The actress also heaped praise on America and the show's "great cast".
Alongside some throwback photos of herself and America, Salma wrote on Instagram: "I am so excited that a new generation is discovering Ugly Betty. This series is very close to our hearts at Ventanarosa because we produced it 17 years ago. It was groundbreaking at its time and has remained relevant throughout all these years. America, I’m so proud of all your accomplishments; we couldn’t have done it without such a great cast. (sic)"