Amy Poehler tackles ‘painful’ stage when parents question if they are ‘needed’ by their kids

Amy Poehler says it is “painful” when parents hit the stage where they question if they are “needed” in their children’s lives.
The 52-year-old ‘Parks and Recreation’ actress is raising two teen boys – Archie, 15, and 13-year-old Abel – who she has with her actor ex-husband Will Arnett, 54, and has now opened up about her views on the transition mothers and fathers go through as their kids grow.
She told People: “That’s a painful process as an adult, as a parent. I relate just to that feeling of, ‘In what way am I needed?’”
But despite the transition being “difficult”, Amy added about ultimately finding it exciting and inspiring: “I actually love that period. I find it really satisfying and exciting and fulfilling and difficult and challenging.”
Amy has just finished her voice role work as the emotion Joy on the ‘Inside Out 2’ animated movie, which sees its 13-year-old main character Riley battle a jumble of inner emotions voiced by other stars – including sadness – as she navigates puberty and high school.
Amy recently opened up about parenting on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, saying it isn’t always easy giving advice to her kids.
She said: “Sometimes I see them disconnect when I’m talking.”
The actress added the only way her children openly express their issues with her is by her stopping herself from telling tales from her own childhood to keep them on track and identify with their issues.
She said: “So I’ve got teens now and I am learning that the way to keep them talking is to not do the second part – to do the part of, ‘That happened to me too’.
“As well intentioned and as sensitive and thought out and connected as the second part is I think it gets kids feeling, like, expectation – they wanna do it for you.
“I just find for me, when I start to (give advice), it’s where I lose them.”