Anderson Cooper's Confused Response To This Trump Rally Song Says It All

CNN’s Anderson Cooper couldn’t hide his confusion over one particular song that played at Donald Trump’s rally in South Dakota on Friday.

Cooper interrupted CNN senior national correspondent Kyung Lah, who was broadcasting live from the event ahead of the former president and 2024 Republican front-runner taking the stage, as a high-pitched scream pierced the auditorium.

“Is that, I’m sorry, is that ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ soundtrack playing?” asked the bewildered Cooper.

“It is indeed,” said Lah. “We’ve heard [Andrea] Bocelli. We’ve heard Sinéad O’Connor. It’s been a different sort of playlist this evening.”

Watch the video here:

“I’m sure Sinéad O’Connor would have been thrilled to hear that,” Cooper replied, a reference to the late Irish singer reportedly likening Trump to the devil in one of her last interviews.

Cooper then cut the talk with Lah short.

“I think we’re going to have to go because the sound is sort of overpowering,” he said.

“Phantom” composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has not yet commented on the use of his song at the rally. Webber has in the past, like multiple other musicians, demanded Trump stop using his music, though.