Andy Cohen 'felt nervous' about kissing Jennifer Lawrence

Andy Cohen felt "nervous" about kissing Jennifer Lawrence on 'Watch What Happens Live'.
The 55-year-old TV star and the Oscar-winning actress locked lips during an episode of the show in June, and Andy has now admitted to feeling nervous about their on-screen smooch.
Asked about their kiss on an 'Ask Andy' segment of the show, he replied: "You know what? I was so nervous to kiss her. I think she’s so hot."
Despite this, Andy has fond memories of the smooch, describing it as being "really nice".
He said: "Yeah, it was nice. It was really nice."
The celebrity duo locked lips after Andy joked that he was "negotiating a kiss" with Jennifer, 33.
The actress - who has been married to art dealer Cooke Maroney since 2019 - said to him: "I just feel like you’ve kissed John Mayer, but you’ve never kissed me."
Andy then replied: "I am attracted to you. I mean, I’d love to kiss you."
Jennifer and Andy then leaned in towards one another and shared a brief kiss.
During the show, Jennifer also rubbished rumours that she hooked up with Liam Hemsworth while he was still with Miley Cyrus.
In response to the speculation, the blonde beauty said: "Total rumour.
"We all know we only kissed one time and it was years after they broke up."
Back in 2015, Jennifer appeared on the same show and admitted she kissed Liam, 33, off camera - but it was after his split from the 30-year-old pop star.
The Hollywood star - who appeared alongside Liam and Josh Hutcherson in the 'Hunger Games' film franchise - laughed: "Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?"