Anne Hathaway and husband have matching tattoos

Anne Hathaway and her husband have matching tattoos.
The 'WeCrashed' actress has never explained the meaning behind the letter 'M' she has inked on her left wrist but she's now admitted Adam Shulman has a similar design on his body too.
She said: "My husband has a matching one."
Asked if she knows the tattoo also looks like a 'W', she laughed and said: "Yes".
However, pressed on the meaning of the inking, she cryptically said: "[It means] many things."
The 39-year-old star - who has sons Jonathan, five, and two-year-old Jack, with her spouse - feels "lucky" to have Adam in her life because he always does his "best" for her.
She told You magazine: "He’s the guy for me. I do my best to be the woman for him and he makes me feel all the time that I am. Actually, we do our best for each other. I’m lucky. And I know it."
In 2013, Anne won an Oscar for 'Les Miserables' but the time was tainted because she was experiencing a vicious backlash which "complicated" the situation but she tried to stay focused on a more positive future.
Referring to the opening line of her speech, she said: "'It came true?' Yeah. People still tear at that one. It was a strange moment. Such an achievement but also… It would have been lovely if it could have been less complicated. I felt like it was the only thing I could say that held the whole experience. Most people interpreted one half of that phrase accurately.
"Dreams aren’t the only things that can come true.
"It was my way of acknowledging both realities – the high and the low – the best I could at the time. Without directly talking about it. Because I was counting on there being a time when the negative part was in the rear view. So I’ve kept working and trying and growing. Just kept on doing what I love and working on myself and that’s led me here."
And now, the 'Ocean's 8' star feels relieved to be in a better place now.
She said: "What a relief to know first-hand that you can. grow That’s huge. It takes work, and it’s not like that ever stops, but how fortunate to be in a place where you believe, because there can be a way through painful things. It’s not lost on me, the gift of the opportunity to have that perspective."