'It's the healthiest relationship I've had': Throuple defend their love

Bianca Soldani

A British throuple who all share a king-size bed together are raving about polyamory.

Clare Verduyn, 21, lives with her girlfriend Katie Aitchison, 22, and boyfriend Joe Freeney, 20, and says that while being in a relationship with two people is hard work, it’s well worth it.

“There are more people's feelings to consider,” she says, “more people’s schedules to work around and way more time spent planning when you want to go anywhere.”

Clare, Katie and Joe are in a happy, polyamorous relationship. Photo: Triangle News

But despite this, “it just works” and Clare explains, “They are just beautiful people, which makes it the best sex I've had.”

Joe and Kate were initially a monogamous couple until they met Clare through their medieval re-enactment group.

When the pair realised that they both had a crush on the new girl, they invited her into their relationship and they’ve been living happily as a three-some in the eight months since.

“I know a lot of people will see what we have as strange, but it works,” Joe says, “It is actually the healthiest relationship I have been in as we all trust each other.”

They've been living together for the past eight months. Photo: Triangle News
Clare joined the relationship after meeting the couple through their medieval re-enactment group. Photo: Triangle News

“There is something about the three-way dynamic that makes it even more passionate.”

Both Joe and Clare describe themselves as bisexual, while Katie identifies as pansexual; which is when a person is attracted to another person because of their personality rather than their gender identity.

They say there are no ‘favourites’ in the relationship and they love each other equally. The throuple also share just about everything together, including their bed, and love holding hands in public.

The three-some share everything, including chores and a bed. Photo: Triangle News

The one thing that annoys Clare – besides having to buy two presents on Valentine’s Day – is people having preconceived ideas about Joe.

“Everyone is saying that Joe must be some kind of legend but I'm there like ‘Excuse you!’ I have got a hot girlfriend and an awesome boyfriend. What more could you want?” she says.

“Honestly, I don't really care what anybody else thinks, it is none of their business. I have got the best of both worlds.”

Joe meanwhile, gets frustrated at people who refuse to see their relationship as valid.

They don't have favourites and say it's possible to love two people equally. Photo: Triangle News

“It saddens me to say, but I have just got used to the idea that a lot of people don't see ours as a valid relationship,” Joe explains.

“People believe it is less emotionally involved because they don't think we can possibly feel the same way about two people.

“Society just isn't set up for people like us.”

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