How to Apply Glitter Nail Polish for Disco-Ready Shine

There's a pro secret to getting an even application.

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Glitter nails makes for a show-stopping look in theory — and in the hands of a professional — but can be hit or miss when you're DIYing. How to apply glitter nail polish isn't as straightforward as your usual formula due in part to glitter's nature, which can be prone to clumping and sticking randomly on the nail. After all, how many times have you tried to get that full-coverage shimmer only to find yourself with shiny blobs in awkward places on the nail bed?

Still, this maximalist dream look is having a moment — and the good news is that you can go all-in on glitter with ease, so long as you know how. Below, consider these expert-approved tips for getting an even, eye-catching glitter manicure.

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Prep Nails Properly

The key to getting smooth and even nail polish application — with or without glitter — starts at the prep stage. First, wash your hands with soap to get rid of any dirt and debris on the nail and cuticle area, and follow up with an alcohol wipe on the nail bed to get an extra clean base, says celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce. Then, buff the entire nail and push back cuticles for a smooth surface before grabbing a base coat to cover the nail.

Apply Base Coat

While it may seem like an unnecessary step, applying a base coat is important, since it can strengthen nails, keep polish from chipping, and even provide the nail with nourishing ingredients. Plus, “a base coat acts as a solid foundation for any nail polish application,” nail technician and cosmetologist Alisha Mathis once told InStyle. That's especially helpful when you're working with a tricky substance like glitter.

Warm the Bottle

One of the biggest challenges with glitter polish is that it's hard to apply evenly. Luckily, there's an easy fix for that. Before even opening the bottle, Boyce says to roll — not shake — the bottle in your hands. "Roll the polish bottle back and forth with your hands for 30 seconds," she says, noting that shaking the bottle won't do the trick. "This helps dispute an even amount of glitter during application."

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Polish Like a Pro

Before applying your polish, wipe off one side of the brush on the bottle's rim when you pull the brush out of the bottle. "This helps create a small polish bead at the opposite end of the brush for better application," she says. Using this technique apply two coats of your polish of choice (her pick is Aprés Nail Color in Sandstorm Crystals) and seal everything with a top coat.

If you've had any reservations about being to apply glitter polish on your own, keep this guide handy. Keeping a few things in mind, you'll be able to get disco-ready shine in no time.

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