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Got itchy skin and dry sinuses? This fan-favorite humidifier is just $30 (that's 40% off)

Dry indoor air can do a number on everything from your sinuses to your skin, and it's especially aggravating in the winter. That's why so many people have turned to humidifiers: These handy devices help infuse the air around you with moisture, combating dryness and giving you some much-needed relief. Right now, Amazon is running an impressive sale on the fan-favorite AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier, which you can score for 40% off.

This humidifier is ultra-quiet, so you can run it while you sleep.

$30 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

At $30, this is the lowest price we've seen the AquaOasis since last summer. You'll get a ton of use out of it for at least the rest of the winter, so it will basically pay for itself.

Why do I need this?

For starters, the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier works in total silence. You won't have to listen to humming, whistling or crackling as it adds moisture to the air.

The humidifier features several mist settings, so you can find your ideal level — for instance, lower if you just want a touch more humidity day to day, or higher if you're battling nasty congestion. There's also a 360-degree rotating nozzle, so you can angle the moisture in the direction you want.

The AquaOasis also boasts set-it-and-forget-it convenience, with an automatic shutoff and an extra-large 2.2-liter water tank that can go more than 24 hours without a refill.

AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier
Got plants? This humidifier can help them thrive. (Amazon)

What reviewers say:

This humidifier has an army of five-star fans — more than 69,000. "I have a rather large bedroom and I set it in one corner and it really reaches around the entire room," a happy customer said. "I bought this because I have allergies and in the winter, especially, when the heater is on, my throat gets really dry and I cough all night. The humidifier helps keep my throat moist so I can sleep at night."

A second allergy sufferer "can't believe how much it helped. Never having owned a humidifier before I don't have much experience to compare this one to but I do know that since I've began using it, I've noticed many of my allergy-related problems have gone from chronic to barely noticeable. ... I'm not immediately reaching for my allergy meds as soon as I open my eyes."

A fellow fan raved about how quiet this humidifier is. "This machine is COMPLETELY SILENT!!!" they said. "It's easy to clean, easy to refill and does not require a filter."

"We have an extremely dry house and when the heat is on I cannot breathe at night," another shopper said. "I've tried at least 15 different humidifiers in the past few years and this one is by far the best! It is a great size — fits well on a nightstand. It is powerful — at its highest level, it sprays a very strong visible stream of mist about four to five feet ... which covers my king bed well. I love that you can direct the nozzle to shoot exactly where you want it."

While this shopper says it's "a little awkward refilling having to turn the water container upside down," the Aqua Oasis still merits five stars. "It is very quiet (can't even hear it). My husband and I use it in our bedroom and sleep through the night. He says my snoring is a lot quieter (lol)."

With a 24-hour runtime, you can get plenty of mileage out of this humidifier before refilling the tank.

$30 at Amazon

And if you want a clean house from top to bottom, this mega-popular flat mop lets you wring out water without bending over. And it's 50% off!

This no-wring washable flat mop makes cleaning a breeze.

$42 at Amazon

"Mops up the competition!" a clever five-star reviewer shared. "I really never expected to be excited about a mop, but here we are. This thing is GREAT! It's going to revolutionize housekeeping. Old-style mops don't get clean enough to get all the grime wiped away, then when you mop again, bacteria grow in tile grout. Unless you can put a mop head in the washing machine, but they disintegrate shortly. This mop will wash easily and is even easier to use. Good job, guys! Finally, something redesigned that actually works."

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