Around 250,000 mourners attended Queen Elizabeth's lying in state

Around 250,000 people attended Queen Elizabeth's lying in state.
The body of the monarch was taken to London's Westminster Hall last Wednesday (14.09.22) and mourners were able to file past her coffin from 5pm that day until 6.30am on Monday (19.09.22) and despite lengthy queues to enter the building, it is estimated that considerably fewer people than government officials had predicted.
However, Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan warned the figure is just an initial estimate, and the actual number will be released in due course.
She told Times Radio: "It's approximately around the 250,000 mark. We're just crunching those final numbers."
When war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill passed away, over 320,000 people visited his coffin, while 300,000 attended the lying in stage of the queen's father, George VI.
While the politician couldn't say how much the queen's funeral cost, she feels most British people will view the expense as "money well spent".
She told Sky News: "I'm not sure of the exact costings but as I say, I think the British public would argue that that was money well spent. You saw so many thousands out there and I don't think anybody can suggest that our late monarch didn't deserve that send-off, given the duty and the selfless service that she committed to over 70 years."
And Michelle thinks it would be "downright preposterous" to suggest otherwise.
She added: "It was great sense of the community coming together. I always think of our late monarch as the glue that brought society together."
The royal family observing another week of mourning after King Charles decreed on 9 September, the day after his mother died aged 96, that their mourning period would continue until seven days after the queen's funeral.
During this time, members of the family are not expected to carry out official engagements and flags at royal residences will stay at half mast until 8am after the final day of the mourning period.