Ashley Graham: I'm not entirely comfortable in my body

Ashley Graham is "still not entirely comfortable in [her] body".
The 34-year-old model - who has Isaac, two, and four-month-old twins Roman and Malachi with her husband Justin Ervin - has always been outspoken on the issue of body positivity, but Ashley has revealed she's still struggling to come to terms with her post-pregnancy figure.
In a personal essay for Glamour, the brunette beauty shared: "Even now, if I’m completely honest, I go in waves. I am still not entirely comfortable in my body, no matter my own body positivity advocacy.
"There are days where I look at myself and I say, 'There's nothing you can't handle. There's nothing you can't do.' Then I look at the stretch marks that still exist and will forever exist on my stomach, and I think, God, why did you have to go up above my belly button? I'm a lingerie model, for God's sake. This is not what lingerie models look like. But then I remind myself, 'Well, I've never been the norm of what a typical lingerie model looks like.'"
Ashley suffered a severe haemorrhage during the birth of her twins.
And although she's proud of herself for coming through the experience, she still has mixed feelings about her body.
Ashley explained: "Day by day it goes back and forth. I tell myself that I am a warrior for carrying and birthing my babies, for surviving the haemorrhage, for being a mother to my three boys, and yet also still struggling with the transformation of my body."
Despite this, Ashley remains determined to keeping supporting and empowering other women who struggle with their own bodies.
The model said: "I want to continue to create spaces for women to feel fearless and beautiful and vulnerable, all at the same time."