Ashley Tisdale has 'mom guilt'

Ashley Tisdale admits she struggles with the "work-life balance".
The 'High School Musical' album has two-year-old daughter Jupiter with husband Christopher French, and she's confessed that it's challenging working from home with a little one because she wants to spend all the time with her little girl but work gets in the way and she suffers from "mom guilt".
Asked what the biggest challenge of parenthood is, she told Us Weekly magazine: "The work-life balance. It's still the hardest thing for me. I work from home, so it's easier to be like, 'Oh, I just want to hang out with her,' but I've got work
"The mom guilt is a real thing."
The 37-year-old star says her daughter is well into the so-called "terrible twos" but she's "such a joy" and they are already looking into schools for her.
She said: "It's already started a little bit, but I'm excited. It goes by so fast. She's still a baby, but we're [already] talking about schools. She's such a good kid. She can have her moments, but she's just such a joy."
Ashley admits she's not sure if they will expand their family as they have their "hands full".
She said: "I don't like to look too far ahead, and we have our hands full with Jupiter. I have a great child and I'm super grateful. A couple of years ago, we weren't even thinking about being parents, so this is all new. She's great right now."
In fact, the blonde beauty is only just starting to feel like "herself" again, two years after giving birth.
She recently admitted postpartum recovery has been a "long journey" and everything is "different" from how it was before she and her spouse became parents in March 2021, but she is now more confident and accepting of herself.
Admitting she expected to feel more like her former self around the time Jupiter turned one, Ashley told E! News: "I didn't feel actually myself until recently, until the last couple of months. It's taken two years.
"I was suffering from really bad anxiety and I was like, 'What is going on?' And I just didn't feel great about my body. The last couple of months, I feel so great and I feel so much more accepting of my body.
"It's a long journey. Your relationship with yourself changes, your relationship with your partner changes, your relationship with friends change. Even friends that don't have kids, it's just different now because they're not going through the same stuff."