Astonishing roadside find as police crack down on driver's licence change

The driver's dangerous set-up comes as NSW Police crack down on international licence holders in the state.

An international driver has been caught by police allegedly in breach of a number of serious road offences when a routine inspection turned into a truly bizarre traffic stop for NSW officers ahead of Anzac day.

Highway patrol officers conducting stationary drug and alcohol testing on Wednesday were left astonished when they pulled over a driver on the Great Western Highway in Mt Druitt at 10.40am, who was found to have jumper leads running from the bonnet into the passenger side door.

The 31-year-old man behind the wheel, who was unable to provide officers with his international licence, used jumper leads to connect his vehicle battery which he placed in a "safety basket" in the front passenger footwell.

The jumper leads pictured running into a basket on the floor of the passenger side.
Police pulled over a driver in Mt Druitt who had jumper leads running from the bonnet into the passenger side door. Source: NSW Police

While officers no doubt had plenty of questions, the driver claimed it was an act born of necessity.

"His excuse: 'It was too big to fit under the bonnet'," NSW Police Highway and Traffic Control said.

"The driver also took the initiative to cover his back window with cardboard as it was ‘too sunny yesterday’.

"A further inspection of the vehicle revealed it was not complying in terms of tyre tread, brake lights and indicators."

Police said the driver was issued with multiple infringements for not complying with vehicle standards, including for driving without a clear view and a major defect.

Online, images were posted of the driver's precarious set-up. "Now I have seen everything," one Aussie wrote in response.

"Perfect for changing your battery without ever having to leave your car," another joked. "Have to give this fool an A for effort. This driver needs send the car to the wreckers and buy a bus ticket," said a third.

A driver's vehicle in Mt Druitt who had jumper leads running from the bonnet into the passenger side door.
The 31-year-old was unable to provide officers with his international licence. Source: NSW Police
The car's back windshield pictured blocked with cardboard.
The driver also allegedly placed paper on his back windscreen 'because to was too sunny'. Source: NSW Police

The driver's misguided efforts come as NSW road authorities crack down on international licence holders.

Last month, Yahoo News Australia reported on a raft of new changes that have come into effect this year impacting drivers with foreign licences.

The new licence laws aim to close a major legislation "loop-hole" that meant international drivers could accrue endless demerit points while remaining on the road.

There are two main changes affecting drivers with overseas licences. The first applies to those who arrived before July 1, 2023, including people that may have been in the country for a number of years, living as a permanent resident or in a de facto relationship. This group have until March, 1, 2025 to get an NSW driver licence.

People who arrived in the state after July 2023, have six months to switch over to a NSW licence.

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