Aubrey Plaza’s Secret to Glowing Skin Is Among the Best Treatments I’ve Tried

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Soft, radiant skin is just five minutes away.

I love when A-list facialists offer the rest of us at-home access to their red carpet treatments. Take Ole Henriksen, for instance: A physical spa that’s become a celebrity hotspot for facials, though its formulas are also available at Sephora. Aubrey Plaza, for instance, recently visited and tried the brand’s latest concoction, the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Flash Acid Facial Mask — a $50 facial-in-a-jar that non-celebs can access, too. I’ve been using it and can attest to the stellar, celeb-worthy glow it bestows.




The Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Flash Acid Facial Mask is an exfoliating treatment that delivers visibly more radiant skin in less time than it takes to hail an Uber. The formula, which is powered by a blend of dermatologist-approved alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, smooths, softens and brightens skin in five minutes. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) appears in the form of glycolic acid at a 10 percent concentration, while lesser-known — yet equally noteworthy — polyhydroxy acid (PHA) is at a 15 percent concentration. Together with a touch of beta hydroxy acid, these three chemical exfoliants equal a total glow show.

In addition to sloughing dead, dull surface skin cells, glycolic acid “has also been shown to encourage new collagen growth and improve skin texture and fine lines,” dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm, MD, previously told InStyle. Polyhydroxy acid is a gentler alternative to others of its ilk, albeit still a glow-inducing force. As dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, MD, previously shared with InStyle, PHAs can fade the appearance of fine lines. The final skin-sloughing star, BHA, is an excellent pore-purger in light of how it pummels through oiliness and clogging debris. Finally, the formula features aloe, which intensely hydrates and soothes skin, making it ideal post-exfoliation, when skin can often feel slightly tight or sensitized.

I typically incorporate the mask into my routine twice a week, and with continued use( you’ll see fine lines soften, pores diminish, and overall texture and tone improve, according to the brand. After diligent slathering for the past month, I’ve found these claims to play out as promised.

As for product texture? Frankly, I’m fumbling to assign adjectives. Not quite lotion-like, yet certainly not liquid, the formula is “thick and cushiony,” per the brand. The DIYer in me wants to analogize it to Elmer’s glue, albeit sans stickiness or a flaky dry-down. A little bit of product goes a long way; an olive-sized dollop will do.

Also of note is the product’s iridescent, galactic sheen. It’s absolutely mesmerizing — enough to encourage me to comply with the biweekly exfoliation schedule I’ve set for myself. On another sensorial note, the smell, a “naturally derived lemon sugar scent,” per the brand, is zesty without veering perfume-y or overpowering.

For a glowier, softer complexion in literally five minutes, shop the flash facial Aubrey Plaza has used — as has yours truly with stellar results. The Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Flash Acid Facial Mask is $50 at Sephora; trust me, the peel’s impeccable, speedy results warrant the price tag. 

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