Aubrey Plaza swears off using streaming services as they make her ‘really angry’

Aubrey Plaza says she doesn’t use streaming services as they make her “really angry”.

The actor, whose credits include Parks and Recreation and The White Lotus, said that she recently purchased the entirety of The Sopranos despite the fact she could have streamed it for free on Max (formerly known as HBO Max).

However, rather than her decision stemming from an anti-streaming stance, Plaza said she strays from using platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus, as she finds them hard to navigate.

“I get really angry,” Plaza said in a new interview with Vanity Fair. “I was trying to watch Top Chef season 20. Couldn’t figure out how to f***ing get Hulu + Live.”

She continued: “I give up. I can’t – I just can’t. And so, what I like to do, is go on iTunes and buy movies that are old. Or I’ll go on iTunes and just, like, buy the whole Sopranos series, and then my husband [writer-director Jeff Baena] will be like: ‘You literally can watch that for free on HBO Max.’”

Plaza said that after buying The Sopranos, she watched it for the first time and would text her friend, fellow actor Jake Johnson, about her views.

“Yesterday I was like, ’Oh my God, what do you think happened?’” she said of the show’s divisive ending.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

“And he was like, ‘I don’t know but I was crying,’ and I was like, ‘I was crying to’. I was like, ‘This is ridiculous, that we’re going through Sopranos finale stuff.’”

Plaza recently went viral following a red carpet interview at the Met Gala, where she also admonished Jared Leto for an error related to his giant cat outfit.