Aussie influencer wakes up to ‘horrid’ tattoo in Bali

The young woman woke up to discover that she'd come home with more than she bargained for after a night out.

Rhiannon speaking to camera (left) and posing for the camera (right).
Rhiannon woke up the next morning to find the 'horrid' tattoo on her foot. Source: TikTok/Instagram

An influencer has revealed that she made the exact mistake that she advised another tourist not to do — and got a 'horrid' tattoo to remind her of her time in Bali.

The young woman, named Rhiannon, shared that after a night out on the popular holiday island, she’d woken up to discover she had decided to get not one, but two, tattoos.

The Aussie, who says she moved to Bali from Sydney last month, said: “I spoke to someone earlier in the day who wanted to get a tattoo to remind them of Bali, and I was like 'look as long as you don’t get a Bintang you’ll be fine',” she told her followers on social media.

She believes that conversation was in her "subconscious" when she decided to get that exact tattoo — a bottle of the popular Bali beer with the words "Bintang" underneath.

A love heart tattoo (left) and a Bintang beer bottle tattoo (right).
Rhiannon shared the two tattoos she got on her night out in Bali. Source: TikTok

“I think because I had that in the back of my head, in my subconscious that is why today I’ve woken up with a Bintang tattooed on my foot," she said. “This is what we’re working with, it’s the main beer here in Bali,” she explained, panning the camera to her foot, before adding: ‘I don’t even drink beer.”

Rhiannon shared that she also got another tattoo of a love heart that same night, adding: “Apparently I just want to be tattoed everywhere now.”

While many found the situation hilarious, others wasted no time in sharing their own stories of drunken tattoos.

“I was the victim of the Bali tattoo saga myself,” said one viewer. “Waking up with a Nike logo tattooed on my foot along with a squid tattooed on my thigh and French cheese tattooed on my leg.”

Another said they went to Thailand for their 21st birthday and woke up with “It’s 5 o'clock somewhere” printed on their ribs.

Many agreed that it “could have been worse”.

Last year, another young Aussie was left devastated after getting a $120 tattoo in Bali only for it to go "terribly wrong" thanks to a simple oversight by the tattoo artist.

Tearful 19-year-old influencer, Tia Kabir, said she went to the popular Indonesian island with the intention of getting her much-anticipated 'Generation Z style tattoo', but was left horrified over what she was left with.

"So I came to Bali to get a tattoo right? And I've been dreaming to get this tattoo because I just don’t get tattoos all the time..." the Canberra resident said. It was meant to say 'Angel Energy' — a phrase signifying she has celestial energy she can pass on to others. But what she got instead was 'Energy Angel'.

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