Aussie influencer's X-rated confession divides TikTok

Laura Henshaw had a dirty confession that left best friend Steph Claire Smith shocked.

An Aussie influencer has made an X-rated admission which has led to mixed opinions online, after admitting she doesn't shower after having sex.

Opening up on the KICPOD, influencer, model and Keep It Cleaner co-founder Laura Henshaw startled her co-host Steph Claire Smith when she admitted to not showering after being intimate with her partner.

"You don't shower after sex?" Steph asked, looking aghast.

"Why, do you, why?!" Laura replied.

"The mess, you might be a bit sweaty..." Steph began.

"Just wipe it off with a tissue," Laura said, while Steph covered her mouth in shock.

Laura Henshaw Steph Claire Smith
Laura's confession about not showering after sex left co-host Steph in stitches. Photo:

Uploading the video to her TikTok account, Laura captioned the hilarious footage 'Here I was out here saving water, but...'.

To shower or not?

While Steph was Team Shower, the comments on the TikTok were mixed, with some backing Laura on her admission.


"No way! I'm with you Laura, roll over and go to sleep!" one person said.

"I always have one before but not after, I'm going straight to sleep after," another said.

"You know he's rubbish in bed if you're even thinking about showering after, you should be tired with shaking legs," one person joked.

"The effort to go to the toilet after is bad enough so I’m definitely not finding the energy for a shower," another person said.

While there ended up being resounding support for Laura, some did come in to agree with Steph.


"What about UTIs?" one person asked.

"OMG, this thread, I'm shook," another person commented. "1000% shower every time."

"We both shower. Personally, cuddling afterwards feels so much better when there are no secretions (from either) hanging around," another pointed out.

And some people had mixed opinions based on what kind of session was had.

"If it's a quickie then no, but if it's a full-on sesh with foreplay and everything, then yes a shower," one person commented.

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